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Напоминание о товарах в корзине
Модуль Напоминание о товарах в корзине - плагин, позволяющий администратору настроить уведомления и отправлять их клиентам, которые добавили товары в корз...

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Google Enhanced Ecommerce
Get the full out of google enhanced ecommerce in less than 120 seconds !


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Birthday Present
Increase customer loyalty with our Birthday Present add-on.

$45.00 $30.00
2LM Unique Selling Points
USP add-on allows you to manage unique selling points - create a set of key attributes of the product, easily connect them with any category and/or manufact...

Модуль позволяет экспортировать ваш каталог товаров в YML - формат. Получив ссылку на каталог, вы можете автоматически добавить все ваши товары на ZenMall.


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With the Dynamic Search module you get search results while you type.

Promotions - discount on products from a supplier(s)
This is an extension module promotion, the possibility of discounting the cheapest product in your shopping cart.

Promotion only for products of a specific category
This module is an extension promotion. It allows you to give discounts on products in a particular category. You can set a condition for promotion dependi...

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