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Deal of the day with Alerts
The best marketing tool for e-commerce. Is completely automated mod that will make offers to your customers and inform them by email about the daily deal...
Default Category Sorting
Set category specific default sorting for products
Discount on selected group of products
The best addon to create promotions for specific groups of products.
eBay Feedback for CS-Cart
Does your business also sell on eBay? Show you eBay feedback rating on your CS-Cart store and boost consumer confidence.
About EshopsWithIQ 1.The most powerful Marketing Automation platform EshopsWithIQ helps you get more done in less time by standardizing processes...
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Estimated Delivery Date
Let the customer be in the know of the delivery date when he is on checkout page. Estimate Delivery Date CS-Cart add-in it allows the admin to specify th...
Ether Camp Newsletters Integration
Send Professional Newsletters via Ether Camp Integrate CS Cart with Ether Camp within 3 steps!
  • Скидка 14%
Event Management for CS Cart
Need to Sell Events via your CS-Cart Store? Don't look any further 4Sprungs Event Management Add-On will let you do this. With our Event's Add-on It's e...
Extended Add to Cart Popup
Extended Add to Cart Popup   - добавляет к всплывающему окну “добавлено в корзину” дополнительный блок с товарами или дополнительной информацией Особен...
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EZ Auto Mailer
Send automatic followup emails based on products purchased, amount of order, category of purchase, etc. Request reviews, make special offers or generall...
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EZ Category Discounts
Easily see who changed order status and when.