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Product options filters
5.0 (3)
  • Convert options to features.
  • Create filters.
Similar Products
No reviews
Save 41%

Сreates new options for filling the Products block content.

Gather detailed statistics of the orders
5.0 (5)
Collect the main statistics about the customers
I want cheaper
5.0 (1)

Let Your customers request a similar product, but cheaper.

Discounted Products Page
5.0 (1)
Save 17%

Displays discounted products in a separate category and automatically updates them.

New Arrivals Page
No reviews
Save 17%

Displays new products in the separate category automatically.

E-mailing of your clients
4.4 (9)
Adapt your email marketing and make it more personalized
Notice in the Telegram
5.0 (5)

You can get notifications about new orders in chat Telegram.

Web Push Notifications - Browser Push Notification : NotifyVisitors
No reviews

Enable Chrome Push Notification, Mozilla Push Notification or Safari Push Notification With Powerful Analytics, Multiple Targeting Rules, Unlimited Notifications.

Extra Tags
4.8 (5)
Improve the store management with order and customer tags.
Instagram Feed
5.0 (3)

This add-on allows to show Instagram posts by username or hashtag

Pre-order from the supplier
5.0 (2)
Allows you to order goods that are not in stock in your warehouse, but are available from your suppliers