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Smartarget - Instagram Follow Us
Get more Instagram followers Make it easy for your site visitors to know about your Instagram account and follow you.
send SMS
To install, follow this steps: Or you could watch our tutorial: To make an account, go here:  https://www.sends...
Smartarget - Information Message
Communicate special information with users on your CS-Cart store
  • Save 30%
Vendor Pack
8 must-have add-ons to increase conversion and improve client experience
  • Save 20%
Cart Panel
For the first 9 buyers 50% discount
Extended Email marketing
Bring the site visitors back to your store and increase sales.
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Product Video
For the first 9 buyers 50% discount
Price history
Allow your customers to shop at the best price!
Full Width Grid
allows to create full width grids (bg, menu, banners, etc)
Suggest Mobile App
This add-on detects the device for new visitors and opens a modal window with a proposal to install a mobile application - from the App Store (if iOS) or Go...
  • Save 33%
Product stickers (text and graphic)
The "Product stickers" add-on allows you to create a unique sticker for a product by linking it to selected products or setup an automatic logic based ...