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Our team at mydataprovider is ready to meet all your data and eCommerce development needs. We have years of experience in the field and have been working with clients such as Bosch, Hansa, LG, Onninen, Tamron, and Xerox. Team up with us to achieve full ecommerce automation for your business. Scroll down to see the full range of solutions that our company can offer to your business.

Price Monitoring

When it comes down to it, the way you set your prices can make or break your business. Customers always look for the best price for the value they want to obtain. If your business can’t get it right, your competitor probably will. To achieve competitive prices in the market, you have to be aware of how other businesses value their products. This is why studying the prices of other businesses is crucial.

Our job is to help you monitor your competitor’s prices through automated price monitoring. You can look at price movements from previous years up to the present. There’s no more need to wait for long periods just to know what your competitor did a month ago. You can get up-to-date information the soonest as they are released.

Furthermore, our platform allows you to compare, monitor, analyze, and workaround your eCommerce competitors — all hassle-free. We can deliver all the reports and analytics in real-time so that you can focus all your attention in making the big decisions, instead of watching your competitors 24/7. If you’re interested, fill up a price monitoring request form.

Web scraping

Need data or site analytics from external website or niche? Our web scraping service revolves around fulfilling your needs accurately and in a convenient manner. Unlike other websites, our process relies largely on automation and bots to give you precise results within a short amount of time.

Even if you’re quite new to web scraping and data extraction, no worries. We are here to help you find the best solution, depending on the needs of your business, whether it be parsing, text pattern matching, or the like. Our web scraper product allows you to create a web scraper to fit your requirements and export it to different formats.

The service is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux and is inclusive of an option for SaaS service. We are quite flexible with our clients and can cater to the following formats: CSV, Excel, Xml, Web Api, PostgreSQL, and Direct import to CS-Cart.

Products Import

We can setup and import products in your online store to CS-Cart. We can enable your business to easily import your product listings — whether in different formats — to the site of your choice. No need to manually separate or redo your product listings from scratch as our software can do that for you.

Just fill up our products import form and we will contact you promptly. We are very open to settle all the relevant details depending on your preferred eCommerce site.

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Feel free to send a job request for more information and receive a quote. Also, check out our blog to see our previous eCommerce development projects with large clients.


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