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Phone +74959661303
Russian Federation , Moskva

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ул. Ангарская, дом 6, пом. III, ком. 1 Москва, Moskva 125635 Russian Federation

TargetSMS Company is a participant of the Russian telecommunications market. We provide SMS text messaging for business. With our solutions, you can send SMS text messages using your personal account, API (smpp, https, xml, json, smtp) or integration with popular CMS- and CRM-systems (amoCRM, CS-Cart, etc...).

Advantages of TargetSMS Company:

  • SMS text meggaging all over the world (including Russia, CIS);
  • Copmetitive prices and flexible conditions;
  • Security of all transactions is ensured by using of SSL; it is also fixed in the contract;
  • Telematic license;
  • High performance of the technological platform: you can send 50-300 SMS per second (minimum);
  • Technical support: 24/7/365;
  • All services are in one web-interface;
  • We support HTTPS, SMPP, XML, SMTP, JSON;
  • Our SMS text messaging service has integration with 1C, amoCRM etc..


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TargetSMS: SMS notifications

The module "TargetSMS: SMS notifications" is intended for sending SMS text notifications to an administrator and buyers of online store.

TargetSMS: Авторизация по СМС

Верификация пользователей на сайте - довольно востребованная функция. С помощью нашего модуля "TargetSMS.ru: Авторизация по СМС в CS.CART" Вы можете быстро и просто настроить регистрацию и авторизацию по одноразовому коду из СМС-сообщения в Вашем интернет-магазине, работающем на платформе CS.CART.