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Multi-channel order and inventory management app with powerful integrations. Manage your back-end operations like never before!

Orderhive is a multi-channel order and inventory management system which allows sellers to simplify their back-end tasks with the help of powerful features and third party integrations.

49.99 $
49.99 $

Manage your orders and inventory a lot better with Orderhive!

Orderhive Cloud is a multi-channel order and inventory management system developed by OpenXcell Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. It allows sellers to manage processes related to inventory, orders and shipments across multiple channels from a single interface. Get access to real-time analytics of your business data.

Apart from shopping carts, Orderhive also integrates with leading marketplaces, shipping and CRM apps including, Amazon, eBay, ShipStation, Aftership, EasyPost, Zoho CRM, and many more.

CS-Cart Integration benefits:

  • Integrate and manage multiple CS-Cart Ultimate and Multi-vendor stores in single Orderhive account.
  • Orderhive will push any price and stock updates to your CS-Cart store in real-time.
  • Process CS-Cart orders seamlessly from Orderhive, pushes order status and shipping information to your CS-Cart store.
  • Get access to real-time analytics of your CS-Cart store’s inventory, orders and customers.
  • Eliminate the hassle of manual entries, save time and resources.

Orderhive Solution 

Orderhive Solution includes customization or modification of existing functionality of Orderhive Cloud according to your business requirements. Orderhive Solution is most suitable for businesses who are looking for a standalone system which can take care of their entire back-end needs.

Get Started

With no installation required, you can easily integrate your CS-Cart store with Orderhive in an instant and manage all your back-end tasks like never before. Orderhive offers a 15-day free trial account. No credit card required.

  • Store Builder
  • Multi-Vendor
Совместимость с версиями
  • 4.2.x
  • 4.1.x
  • 4.0.x
  • English

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