Replacing the values in the vendor card of the marketplace

Last update: 19/09/2023

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Replacing the values in the vendor card of the marketplace

Module "Mass modification of product cards for categories" of the seller and marketplace Cs-Cart Multi-Vendor

The module is intended primarily for marketplaces that sell services, or produce a batch of goods to order, taking into account the wishes of the buyer. However, it can also be used for classic marketplaces. The module allows you to change the names of the "Buy" buttons, change the action when the price is zero and there is no product. Changes are configured for individual categories and subcategories.

Module functionality

The module makes changes in the design of the product card and allows you to:

  • Customize changes to the product card design for different categories and subcategories;
  • Make changes to actions with zero-price products;
  • Hide the buy button;
  • Hide the price of goods;
  • Make changes to actions in the absence of goods in stock;
  • Massively change the number of products for the selected categories;
  • Massively change taxes: Without VAT, VAT 20%, VAT 10%, VAT 0% for selected categories;
  • Massively change the name of the "Buy" buttons for the selected categories;
  • Massively change the name of the "Buy in one click" buttons for the selected categories;
  • Massively change the text "Contact us about the price" for the selected categories;
  • Massively change the text "Enter your price" for the selected categories.

At the same time, you will not need any special skills. Everything is simple and clear, done in a few clicks.

There are a huge number of situations in which our module will be useful. Below we will give just a few of them so that you can roughly imagine exactly how it can be applied.

The product appears on sale sporadically

For example, some product that is on sale, but it is not always possible to maintain its availability at the right level, which means that it may end. Accordingly, while you are deciding on the order of deliveries, the buyer can go to the card of this product, see that it is not there, and go to another place.

In order not to lose a client, you could give him the opportunity not just to admire the product, but also to make a pre-order for it. To do this, firstly, change the action in the absence of goods from a simple notification of the absence of goods to pre-order, and secondly, change the inscription on the buttons from "Buy" to "Make a pre-order".

Both can be done en masse using our module.

Sale of services

When selling services, psychologists and marketers recommend using the word "Order" instead of the word "Buy". Research shows that in this case, customers are more willing to click on the button. The module "Replacing values in the product card" also allows you to change the name of the button.

Custom-made goods manufacturing

In this case, the product, as such, is not available. There is a set of features and characteristics that the client can combine with each other to get exactly the product that will meet all his requirements.

For example, if it is clothing, the buyer can choose the size, the presence of pockets, the design of cuffs and collar, the length of the hem or pants, and so on.

First, in this case, you need to set an action in the absence of goods in stock – place a pre-order. Secondly, you need to change the name of the button from "Buy" to "Place an order".

With this design of the product card, the conversion rate increases significantly, since when the buyer enters the necessary combination of characteristics into the search, he is shown the product with this set of characteristics. The buyer follows the link, understands that he has found what he needs, and placed an order. He will not need to clarify the working points: can you do this? And add this? He immediately sees what is possible in principle and what is not.

Hiding the price

If for some reason you do not want to show everyone the price of the product, you can hide the price and invite customers to contact the manager to clarify this information.

Keep your price

You want to receive a compliment from a client or a client wants to donate an amount to your organization. It will be enough for you to hide the price for the product category and replace the standard text "Enter your price" with the necessary one.


Up-to-date information about changes in the functionality of the module, as well as compatibility with other modules, is published in our Telegram channel and in the group VKONTAKTE


You can submit a request to the support service, ask questions to the managers about the work or completion of the module via messengers, the groupVKONTAKTE and mail.

- WhatsApp +7-923-364-90-07

- Telegram

- Telegram  +7-923-364-90-07


- E-mail: [email protected]

Detailed step-by-step instructions for the module can be found in the "Instructions" section

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One-time payment
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Compatible versions
  • 4.17.1
  • 4.16.2
  • 4.16.1
  • English
  • Русский

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