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Advanced tariff plans for Multi-Vendor

Last update: 06/03/2023
Advanced tariff plans for Multi-Vendor
200.00 $


The module allows you to configure the duration of the tariff more flexibly. You will be able to create trial versions of tariffs for different groups of sellers.


In the basic version, it is possible to choose three options for the duration of the tariff:

  • One-time;
  • For a month;
  • For a year.

This is convenient, first of all, for already determined sellers who are ready to work with you for a long period. To some extent, you can help new sellers consider the advantages of your platform by offering them a trial period of a month.

However, this system does not allow the seller to try different tariffs in order to choose the optimal one. Few marketplaces are ready to consistently provide the seller with access to different tariffs for a month. And it is not convenient for sellers to wait a month before switching to a new tariff.

In order to make the selection of the tariff for the seller more convenient, we have created a module, "Extended tariff plans".


The module allows you to create tariffs, the duration of which differs from the basic options. Set options in days, months, years:20 or 70 days; 5 or 9 months; 3 or 5 years.



You can make a trial tariff for 15 days, which will allow the seller to fully reveal the advantages of different tariffs in a short time and choose the most suitable one for himself.

In order for the trial tariff not to be displayed on the registration page of new sellers, it is enough to set the status "Hidden" to it. In this case, you will be able to personally set the desired tariff by agreement with the seller, and new sellers will not be able to choose it during registration. 


Up-to-date information about changes in the functionality of the module, as well as compatibility with other modules, is published in our Telegram channel and in the group VKONTAKTE

Telegram t.me/maurisweb 


You can submit a request to the support service, ask questions to the managers about the work or completion of the module via messengers, the groupVKONTAKTE and mail.

- WhatsApp +7-923-364-90-07

- Telegram  t.me/mauriswebru

- Telegram  +7-923-364-90-07

- VKONTAKTEvk.com/maurisweb

- E-mail: info@maurisweb.ru

Detailed step-by-step instructions for the module can be found in the "Instructions" section

Payment type
One-time payment
Compatible versions
  • 4.16.2
  • 4.16.1
  • English
  • Русский

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