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Personal account for the vendor (constructor for the marketplace)
 The marketplace can work for different types of sellers and flexibly request documents from them. In the event of a change in work policy of the marketplac...
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Logistics: fulfillment, cross docking, your own storage, PVZ points
The module is designed for working with the marketplace in the format of fulfillment, crossdocking, dropshipping, or trading from your storage.
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"Help" menu for buyer and store administrator
The module creates a single page with the address "Help", where the buyer goes and sees a list of documents in the tree with the functionality" read next","...
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Hiding products with zero price (0.00) for Multi-Vendor
Products that do not have a price with positive balances will not be displayed in the window.
Unique product codes
This CS-Cart Addon allows you to set format for input and generate product codes and check for duplicate or empty product codes.