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Qwintry Air


Поставка в электронном виде.


Modern way of delivery from US to China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and South Korea! (more countries coming soon)

International shipping used to be hard.

You used to ship packages to Russia and to China via USPS and UPS, and you had to pay a lot of money either way. You’ve probably tried saving some money by using USPS Airmail, but cheaper methods of USPS do not give you tracking features and take a long while to deliver. Even if the package gets delivered, sometimes it happens after you’ve already processed a money refund for an angry customer who got tired of waiting.

Maybe you even got package returns from UPS or Fedex after they could not manage proper customs clearance in Russia.

Sounds familiar, huh?

We used to deal with all the same issues, too. And you know what? We managed to fix them in the best way possible.

We are Qwintry, a company which combines modern cloud technology and logistics to build a new breed of international delivery solutions.

Our delivery service from the US to Russia, Belarus, Korea, China, India & Kazakhstan is:

  • Affordable (really, you will be impressed with rates)
  • Provides transparent tracking for customers
  • Of high quality

How does it work?

You register on logistics.qwintry.com and integrate us into your e-commerce store pretty much the way you integrate UPS or USPS.

We already have drop-in integration modules for popular e-commerce platforms.

When your orders come in, you print out your Qwintry Logistics shipping labels and put them on shipments.

You put all the shipments for Qwintry into a bigger box (we call it the preship container), and send this set of packages to our pickup hub (located in Delaware, more pickup hubs coming soon) via any regular domestic carrier. We process the shipments when they are delivered to our warehouse, and send them to the countries of destination. We contact the recipient for any additional information required.

We know all ins and outs of the customs clearance process and offer reliable last mile delivery in every country we deliver in, so we provide you with great service. We do not invest billions in ads on the Times Square, we provide nice shipping rates instead.

And the best thing here is that our technology platform produces fully transparent detailed tracking for you customer!

Try us now at:


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