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By default, CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor use a non-responsive Administration panel. If you open it on a mobile device, the size of the admin panel will be the same as on the desktop. You’ll have to scroll not only vertically, but also horizontally to find the interface element that you need. That isn’t convenient.

The Responsive Admin Panel [Beta] add-on solves this problem. If you open the admin panel on a mobile device, you won’t have to scroll horizontally, and the panel itself will adjust to make working with it more convenient.

The add-on also updates the color palette of the admin panel. All the interface elements remain where they were in the old admin panel—we made it that way to ease the transition. For the same reason we also kept backward compatibility with all add-ons (we checked a few third-party add-ons as well).

The backward compatibility was preserved because the technologies behind the new admin panel remain the same—we only adjusted the styles and added some wrappers to HTML tables.


  • How do I use the add-on?

It’s a matter of 3 steps:

1. Download the add-on from the Marketplace.

2. Install the add-on as described in the documentation.

3.Activate the add-on (it is disabled by default).

After this the look of your admin panel will change, and you’ll be able to make use of its responsive design.

  • Why does the add-on has [Beta] in its name?

We usually tag add-ons as [Beta] when we add some important and highly requested functionality. For us, [Beta] means that:

1. We’d like to get feedback and see if the solution suits the needs of our customers.

2. We can change the functionality without waiting for the next minor release. For example, we can make changes in version 4.7.2 without waiting for 4.8.1.

3. The primary functionality has been implemented and tested. Some less significant features may not be there yet, but you can already use the solution.

  • Why should I install this add-on?

1. If you’d like to work with the Administration panel of CS-Cart on Multi-Vendor on mobile devices, this add-on will help.

2. If you’d like to get a glimpse of the future of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor, the add-on will let you do so. We plan to develop this add-on further and eventually include it into the distribution archive.

3. If you’d like to help us with development, you’ll be able to do so via your feedback. While the add-on is in beta, it’s high time to offer improvement suggestions. Once the add-on is released and third-party solutions start relying on it, it’ll be harder to make changes to the add-on.

  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
Compatible versions:
  • 4.7.2
  • English
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