REVE Chat- Live Chat Software

Last update: 11.02.2020
REVE Chat- Live Chat Software

REVE Chat Overview

REVE Chat is a multi-channel cloud based live chat platform that enables online businesses to engage with their website visitors in real-time. As a live chat software, it helps to offer instant assistance to the website visitors, get customer feedback, improve sales conversions and build brand loyalty.

Most of the businesses do not have the chance to get connected with their website visitors in real –time and lose the opportunity to engage with their potential customers. To fulfill this gap, REVE Chat offers several advanced features like Live Chat, Voice Calls, Video Chat, Facebook Chat Integration and Proactive Chat. Other features like Queuing, Visitor Analytics, Advanced Routing, Real Time Chat Monitoring, make REVE Chat a complete customer engagement software for online businesses.

Key Benefits

  1. A simple and highly customizable Live Chat solution.
  2. Get detailed information about each and every website visitor before initiating a chat.
  3. Live Chat with multiple visitors simultaneously and hence reduce the need of additional resources.
  4. Receive valuable customer feedback during and after each live chat sessions and improve the quality of your service.
  5. Proactively engage to assist website visitors in real-time before they leave your website being frustrated.

Advanced features

Proactive Chat: You can initiate chat sessions with your website visitors anywhere on your website to offer instant assistance.

Chat Monitoring: REVE Chat allows to monitor how your agents are performing and check the detailed chat conversations between your website visitors and agents in real-time.

Facebook Chat Integration: It allows your customers to interact with you directly on your Facebook company page.

Make Audio/Video Calls: Enable your website visitors to make audio/video calls directly to your customer support agents within the website itself.

Analytics: Includes detailed reporting and analytics that measure several aspects like the total amount of time spent by a website visitor on each chat and his geographic location, IP address, the overall activity of your agents, conversion tracking, track of transcript reports, monitoring chat history and many more.

Queuing: With this chat software handle chat requests efficiently when all your agents are busy. REVE Chat software gives information to website visitors regarding their waiting time in the chat queue.


For further assistance please feel free to chat with our support experts on or mail us at [email protected]

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REVE Chat is sister concern of REVE Systems, which is a privately held company providing software

REVE Chat is sister concern of REVE Systems, which is a privately held company providing software solutions for the telephony and IP telephony industry worldwide. The company was formed in 2003 and since 2008 headquartered in Singapore. It has major operations in over 78 countries and employs over 860 employees. The company has been working with over 2,600 VoIP and telecommunication service providers throughout the world including Bangladesh, India, Hong Kong, USA, UK and Lebanon. But the major

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