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We offer 100+ CS-Cart add-ons, which enhance the default functionality, improve site management, strengthen store protection and provide integrations with third-party programs.

Delivering CS-Cart solutions since 2005, Simtech Development is the only officially certified partner of CS-Cart.

We are CS-Cart development experts with 2000+ ecommerce projects in our portfolio and clients from 170 countries. We provide the whole range of CS-Cart custom development services from СS-Cart installation to development of additional functionality.


Our services

Custom development

Design creation

Server management

Installation & upgrade

Perfomance optimization

Design and usability audit

3rd party integration

Marketplace development

Amazon cloud hosting

Our advantages:

Officially certified CS-Cart experts Bug-free warranty for 100 days Personal manager service for free
Cooperation with CS-Cart architects Code review & quality assurance 50+ highly qualified developers
Support within 24 hours

Top rated addons


XML & CSV Import

Geolocation by Google


Youtube Video Gallery

Facebook Pixel


Turnkey CS-Cart solutions

We will be very glad to build an online store according to your wishes and requirements. We have an experience of building complex marketplaces like Incir as well as stores of branded products like Northskull from scratch.

➡ Have a look at more cases in our portfolio.


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We are satisfied with player we received, That's what we exactly wanted. It was great working experience for us too. All your associates were really helpful. We are satisfied with Development. If we find any issue/Bug in the player we will notify you. We will surely recommend CS Cart to our friends. Thank you.

I have no problems at all with the Project Managers. Very helpful, attentive, fast response and solved all the issues. Keep up the good work. I am satisfied with my project deadlines, but the cost was a little bit higher than the budget I had. Quality was good but we did find some 3-4 issues after the release but they were resolved immediately – again thanks to the Manager and the developer. I might have another project with you.

I gave advice to many companions , banks in Saudi Arabia about your company. I said to them Simtechdev is the best company in the world for cs-cart.

Simtechdev team : lesson to customer carefully, help you to much , try to give you best solution , best idea , they with you even your project is done. they still with you.

They make you happy.

Many thanks to your team.

I like working with your manager. He was helpful and responsive.
I satisfied with my project deadlines. The quality of the development was up to my expectations.
I can recommend Simtech Development, but I find the costs slightly prohibitive for a small company. About 2 - 3 years ago, you did our Saferpay Payment Integration for $200. This current Payone Payment Integration cost us $1000. I find the cost too high. The cost is the only thing that I can criticize.

I would like to say that you has been so great service, I am happy
with all of your services. So that I am satisfied with your service, quality and tech etc!!
Only one little matter was different time zone which you and me taking
more hard time to finished project.
But, I understand that we have no choice about different time zone at this time.
I think that I also did give to you hard time too!
Of course, I love to recommends to many buz friends and new customers for you.
Again, thank you so much your great service!

I would recommend your company to my friends and business associates. The rating would be a 10 because...

1) Your staff is completely honest about custom work and the limits of what can be done for any specific job..

2) Implementation of custom work is handled in a professional and timely manner.

3) When a problem is difficult to solve, a senior staff member will assist.

4) Your prices, are very reasonable and fair.

5) You guarantee your work for a period of 3 months after implementation.

6) Your staff is friendly and professional.

7) In the U.S.A. similar work would be 2-3 times the price.

We use CS-Cart because it can conform to our client's desires. The specialists at Simtech Development are the only ones we trust with the required modifications.

I love to work with them! If i have a problem (and sometimes i get into trouble, most time if i change to much, or do something without thinking) they girls & guys from simtech are serious proffesionals, they now what they are doing, they know how it works!

It was a pleasure working with Simtech Development on this project, we opted for the dedicated service as this allowed us to work closely with the programmers and as a result our large and complex project was completed in good time and to a high standard.

The team at is second to none for CS-Cart development. After many successful projects, I recommend them highly.

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