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Sirenevy 7A Ulyanovsk, Ul'janovskaja oblast' 432010 Russian Federation

Кто мы?

Компания Simtech Development с 2005 года работает на рынке электронной коммерции. Мы уже помогли нескольким тысячам клиентов из 170 стран запустить, развить, оптимизировать и масштабировать бизнес на глобальном уровне. Поможем и вам!

Как мы работаем?

Мы создаем комплексные решения для eCommerce проектов. Решаем проблемы, находим точки роста и выводим ваш бизнес на новый уровень c CS-Cart и Multi-Vendor - платформами с бесконечными возможностями кастомизации.

Что мы делаем?

  • 100+ готовых модулей и тем для CS-Cart
  • Кастомная разработка
  • Системная интеграция
  • UX/UI дизайн
  • Обновление CS-Cart
  • Облачный хостинг
  • Оптимизация производительности
  • Анализ кода

First progressive web application by Simtech Development

Cloud Hosting for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor

custom development for cs-cart and multi-vendor

cs-cart and multi-vendor for startups

premium support cs-cart and multi-vendor addons

cs-cart and multi-vendor software with discount prices


Сегодня мы работаем над тем, что завтра сделает жизнь людей легче, а их бизнес успешнее. Мы гордимся выполненными проектами и рады поделиться историями успеха наших клиентов!



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I really like working with Simtech. I received fast and kind communication along with professional and respectful attitude to the project. The quality is perfect. I don't have any negative issues. No doubt I will continue working with the Simtech team in the future.
I found that the last few projects were being dealt with promptly and accordingly. There used to be a time when the costs were getting higher, which we were not used to from Simtech. But lately, it’s
Working with the project manager “Mikhail” was a great experience. He was friendly, and most of all was he 100% reliable when it came to communications and deadlines. Overall, a wonderful first
We are satisfied with player we received, That's what we exactly wanted. It was great working experience for us too. All your associates were really helpful. We are satisfied with Development. If we find any issue/Bug in the player we will notify you. We will surely recommend CS Cart to our friends. Thank you.
I have no problems at all with the Project Managers. Very helpful, attentive, fast response and solved all the issues. Keep up the good work. I am satisfied with my project deadlines, but the cost was
I gave advice to many companions , banks in Saudi Arabia about your company. I said to them Simtechdev is the best company in the world for cs-cart. Simtechdev team : lesson to customer
I like working with your manager. He was helpful and responsive. I satisfied with my project deadlines. The quality of the development was up to my expectations. I can recommend Simtech
I would like to say that you has been so great service, I am happy with all of your services. So that I am satisfied with your service, quality and tech etc!! Only one little matter was different
I would recommend your company to my friends and business associates. The rating would be a 10 because... 1) Your staff is completely honest about custom work and the limits of what can be done
We use CS-Cart because it can conform to our client's desires. The specialists at Simtech Development are the only ones we trust with the required modifications.

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