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On sale
XML & CSV reports
4.8 (9)
Save 40%

Upload product database automatically

Show more products with one click
4.5 (13)
Save 40%

Offer your customers an efficient way to browse massive amounts of items without preloading

product sticker image
Product stickers (new version)
4.6 (11)

Helps to attract the existing and new visitors to necessary products and even categories by adding labels with call-to-action text. In addition to this functionality an admin can set auto stickers On sale, New arrivals, Coming soon, etc. and even set an expiration date for each sticker. The add-on is easy to use, just upload your images, choose the label's position and wait for the result. Moreover, not only one but several labels can be attached to any product.

Additional Block Settings
5.0 (6)
Save 20%

This module allows to enable blocks for mobile, tablet or desktop devices and enable blocks for specific user groups.

Google Address Autocomplete
5.0 (6)

This addon will speed up the checkout process by filling in the checkout address info automatically. This will save time for your customers and prevent typing errors.

Fractional Stock
5.0 (6)
Save 37%
Allows you to sell a certain amount of goods or goods with a floating value. You can sell food products (in grams, kilograms), products sold in packages (boxes, boxes) and other things that have a floating amount
Extended orders search in admin area
5.0 (6)

This module adds ability to search orders by categories, promotions, coupons codes and many more other options.

Order payment after confirmation
5.0 (6)

A module for stores that require a confirmation of the availability of items in the order before the customer's payment

Vendor Mobile Application
5.0 (6)
Save 30%

Ecarter Vendor App provides facility to access your CS-Cart vendor panel using mobile, to access your vendor panel  simply you just need to  install Ecarter Vendor App in your mobile devices and you can start managing your vendor panel by login with your vendors user-id and password.

Advance Live Currency Converter
4.8 (8)

CS-Cart Advance Live Currency Converter : This magnificent add-on has the ability to auto update and display currency according to the current exchange rates inside CS-Cart backend. The sources of exchange rates are Yahoo Finance and Google Finance and shows the live exchange rate of the day.

User Profile Page
4.9 (7)
Save 40%

Allow customers to make their profiles more individual

Quick Authentication via Social Networks
4.6 (9)
Save 40%

Allow customers to log in using their Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Twitter accounts.

Vendor Subdomain
4.6 (9)

CS-Cart Vendor Subdomain is an add-on that allows sellers to create a sub-domain for their products on the Multi-Vendor site. Also, the admin can create the sub-domain on behalf of the vendors.

Pop-up Wrapper
4.8 (6)

This module allows to show the content of any block in the pop-up window

Power Pop-up Notifications
5.0 (5)

Fully customizable notifications to inform the customer or keep him on the site. Ability to limit the audience, impression statistics.

Offers and Discounts for Customer's Birthday
5.0 (5)
Save 40%

None of your customers will be ignored.

Detailed Images Size
5.0 (5)

This module allows to resize product detailed images during image upload

Search speedup add-on for CS-Cart
5.0 (5)

This add-on is 25 times faster than the standard site search.

Size Charts
5.0 (5)

Ability to create and display various size charts on the page of a single product or products of an entire category.

Cs-Cart add-on custom carriers
Custom Carriers
5.0 (5)
Save 20%

This module allows to add new tracking carriers and disable default ones