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Current version - UniTheme 1.6 from 27.12.2017 (added CS-Cart 4.7 compatibility)

Full list of videos of installation and working with UniTheme - link to list

Stylish minimalism + Smart adaptive + 20+ integrated extra features = UniTheme for CS-Cart

We have analyzed all the existing templates on the market and concluded that they are not practical - it is necessary to remove all demo banners and replace them with its own, and template will reincarnate into something unprofessional.

UniTheme - designed for maximum practicality while maintaining a minimalist style and maximum optimization for all screens and devices.

Built-in addons (included in the cost of basic supply)

  • - Advanced banners (banners designer) - now anyone can reach the impressive quality banners without design skills, banners are adaptable at any screen resolution
  • - Banners in the category (simply place banners in the list of categories among the products)
  • - Product of the day (attract buyers by superb views of promo block - we expanded promotions with time counter display)
  • - Lazy loading of products in the category (load next portion of products in the list automatically, or by clicking on the button)
  • - Button "go up"
  • Landing pages for categories
  • Search Motivation

The total cost of all included addons is more than $ 100, but we'll just give them to the template free.

Built-in capabilities

  • - banners and blocks in a full width of the screen
  • - blocks in the tabs (each block can be placed in the tab, there is a mode of direct downloads only the first tab content, the remaining content will ship only by clicking on the tab - saving resources and excellent speed of loading pages)
  • - color scale of discounts (discounts icons change color depending on the size of discounts, more discount - brighter color (configured in the theme editor))
  • - 2 types of the top part with different menu types (normal + advanced view (modern style))
  • - ultra modern menu that allows you to output large structures of categories (+ banner category in menu)
  • - 6 built-in high-end color schemes (developed by a professional in the field of color schemes for websites)
  • - the ability to manage all colors elements through the built-in theme editor
  • - SEO improvements (just one example - on the category page visually filters block is placed in left sidebar, but in code you can see block with category main content and H1 header, that goes first)
  • - smart adaptability - we have highly processed DEFAULT adaptability, optimized it according to the requirements of usability specialists (99 out of 100 - an indicator of convenience by Google service)
  • - show more (for products descriptions)
  • - possibility to extend block of product list with filters
  • - hide filters block (allow users to focus on selected products)
  • - 2 variants of product detailed page (worked out, based on the task of usability expert)
  • - 3 variants of category product lists (also planed by usability expert)
  • - 3 new block for main page (its like a non CS-Cart page, but it is CS-Cart)
  • - blog template
  • - work with very long product names is not a problem now

Advantages of using

  • - template changing does not give a negative result for the positions in the search engine results (tested two-month test for first integrations)
  • - SEO improvings will help to bring category pages in the top of search engines
  • - smart adaptability will help to improve behavioral factor and sales for users with gadgets
  • - fast integration (tested, 1 day on a full turnkey integration with your content)
  • - implementation of new banner possible by the administrator of the site (without design using banners Designer)
  • - professional support and updates

Fix in 1.5 from 5.11.2017 (updated without changing theme version)

[+] Added RTL support

UniTheme v.1.5 from 1.06.2017

[~] Corrected validation errors (achieved the maximum possible validity)

[~] Corrected the structure of itemprop microdata for reviews for validity

[~] Corrected the view of product short description for the first item on the category page

[~] Corrected problem with slipping icons in horizontal view (tablet)

[~] Corrected buttons view (Product filters and Subcategory menu), now they appear on the vertical tablet resolution.

[~] Addapted for full php7.1 compatibility

[~] Fixed PHP notice while running a theme

[~] Fixed JS notice while running the theme

[~] Fixed the problem with using of language variables in the content editing mode

[~] Fixed display of product features suffixes

[~] Fixed display of prices for options in the block with scroller view

[~] Correction of microdata of the organization on json + ld (the universality for support by various search engines is added)

[~] Fixed problems in the menu (the correct work of the setting "Number of displayed elements of the 2-level menu")

[~] The reviews counter is no longer displayed with a zero value in all product lists (often receiving requests to disable the display of zero value for the number of reviews)

[~] Corrections were made to the mobile version of the menu (the menu did not work correctly in the vertical layout on the tablets, when clicking on the element of the first level, the user did not receive the content of children items of menu)

[~] General improvement of page adaptability for work on vertical layout of tablets (all pages are worked out) - now we can say we have the best responsibility (for all devices)

[~] Fixed adaptability for displaying the main banners on the main page when using a layout with fixed menu

[~] Changed the principle of the short features display in the product page (now features will be displayed by the checkbox "Show in header on the product details page", now the output of the characteristics is completely according to the CS-Cart paradigm, previously the binding was on the "Show in product list" option, which caused problems for some customers)

[~] Fixed a problem with the Russian language by default in multivendor installations without using English

[~] Fixed layout for the countdown counter for low screen resolutions (full adaptivity was added at a resolution of 320 px, the problem occurred on smartphones (the counter was scattered))

[~] Changed the position of the Promo label for the type (Grid-list)(now all products for which there is at least one share have a label in the place visible from the catalog)

[+] Added AJAX loading for the second (and so on) level of the menu (for cases with large and multilevel menus on the request of SEO specialists a new option is introduced in menu management that allows to exclude from the page code all content of the menu, excepting the first level links, it is significant accelerates pages and makes the code more unique, you can create such menus on the pages you need)

[+] Added displaying the quantity modifier in the adaptive version of the product page for smartphones

[+] Added a "Close" button for the mobile display of filter block (requests from clients, that when the filter block is open, the user experiences difficulties in interacting with the interface of the store, the filter unit is layered above the product block and the user does not understand what to do, to close it)

[+] Added new and missing language variables

[+] Added multistore saving of microdata (now you can store data individually for different storefronts)

[+] Added the ability to create multiple blocks with tabs on the page at the same time

[+] Added blocking of the display of subcategories for empty categories in the 3-level menu

[+] Added hints for the "Comparison List" and "Wishlist" buttons (when hovering the user sees information about the functional purpose with the "tooltip" format)

[+] Added compatibility with the addon "Search Motivation" (+ "Search Motivation" addon was added to the base package of UniTheme)

[+] Added a new block support for the product card "Motivation block", which displays information about the advantages of the store in the "accordion") (look FAQ tab and HowTo for UniTheme)

[+] Added compatibility with the new version of the addon "Product of the Day - extended promotions " (in the new version several new types of blocks have been added: the list of active promos (selectively or last), the announcement of a particular promo, the list of promos in which the product participates in the tab and much more)

[+] Added styles for teamwork (motivational block, output of short features, output of promo block with counter), the commodity card was re-invoiced for two templates (big picture and default), taking into account the changes (smart adaptability was introduced for the product page)

[+] Added tpl-hooks for compatibility with the addon "Noindex for technical pages"

[-] For multivendor version were deleted some extra menu items in the admin panel

UniTheme 1.4 from 13.03.2017

  • [+] Added auto settings. The installation of the theme became even easier, the ability to quickly apply the recommended CS-Cart settings at the time of installation of the theme was added (you can simply agree with the changes when installing or updating - all recommended settings will be automatically applied or rejected).
  • [+] Added new menu type:
  1. new template - AB:Dropdown list with icons
  2. new layer (optional) for main page - with opened first level categories by default
  3. possibility to load the icon to the main menu item (for the first level)
  4. the ability to assign any custom label to a menu item (stock, new, total sale, etc. at will) - it is possible to control the color of the label
  5. possibility to load user content (banners, any html content) in the drop-down menu (with management for parent menu item)
  6. the option to change dropdown style for the second and third nesting levels (checkbox for the parent menu item from the first level of menu)
  • [+] Added compatibility with the addon - Landing pages for categories - This addon is included in the template's basic supply (request its licensing for your order, if you do not already have it) it's free
  • [+] Added compatibility with the addon - SEO pages for filters
  • [+] Added compatibility with the addon - Multiple category descriptions
  • [+] Added new branch for CS-Cart 4.5+ support
  • [~] Fixed product features view.
  • [~] Fixed view for feature with flag type (now it is clear to understand, what is on and off values).
  • [~] Fixed category view without filters section.
  • [~] Fixed product list view.
  • [+] Adding a condition (on / off buttons to buy) on the Wishlist page (Favorites).
  • [+] Added new addon in SEO Package - Advanced meta tags templates (request its licensing for your order, if you do not already have it) it's free for package buyers
  • [~] Fixed fonts, added anti-aliasing for Safari browser (Os X and iOS).
  • [~] Fixed a bug for the Safari browser on the Iphone (iOS) when dragging with a finger, the background of the upper fixed panel with the menu.
  • [~] Fixed an adaptive view for advanced banners with a separately loaded image (Advanced banners designer addon neede to be updated).
  • [~] Fixed view for advanced banners without buttons.
  • [~] Fixed a bug with the work of the main menu in the adaptability for the iPhone (dropdown was not working for menu items with childrens)
  • [~] Optimized theme styles and templates.

Version 1.3 from 10.02.2017

  • [+] Added compatibility with CS-Cart Multivendor edition.
  • [+] Added compatibility with add-on Auto alt and title tags for product images h .
  • [+] Added compatibility with SEOhide addon .
  • [+] Added seven new color scheme "AB Unitheme: Black".
  • [+] Added settings for theme (AB: Addons - AB: UniTheme - UniTheme settings):
  • - Hide full product description (add More button) on product details page (with height value field)
  • - Hide full product features list (add More button) on product details page (with height value field)
  • - Show product short description in product list for multicolumns layout
  • - Hide features list in product list view
  • - Show Short descroption on product details page
  • - Show Features list (only checked) on product details page
  • - Show Block content on product details page
  • - Show Buy button in products lists layouts
  • - Hide subcategories on categories page
  • [+] Added some styles and changes for cross-browser compatibility improvements.
  • [~] Fixed problems with styles for Call Request add-on.
  • [~] Fixed problems with shop reviews block, showed in product tabs.
  • [~] Fixed problems with color of discount labels on product pages.
  • [~] Fixed the output behavior of the buttons ("Compare" and "Favorites"), if you disable the module "My Wish List" and disabling "Compare" option.
  • [~] Fixed the adaptive output on mobile devices for Subcategories and filters blocks in category view.
  • [~] Fixed styles for search panel.
  • [~] Fixed problem with number of third level categories in menu (now it is no needed to resave menu block settings).
  • [~] Fixed problem in filters block, and now when you click on "More" appears scrolling elements, rather than unfolding all the available list.
  • [~] Changed the font size in the menu and for product names.

Version 1.2 from 23.12.2016

  • [+] Added microformats for:
  • - opengraph
  • - product ratings and reviews
  • - extended product (added brand and image)
  • - breadcrumbs
  • - organization (with fields designer, look help in FAQ)
  • [+] phones on contacts block are links now, to make it possible to call by click on smartphones;
  • [~] Recalculation the number of products in WISHLIST and COMPARE LIST will be automatically without page reloading
  • [+] Added new principle of allocation of menu blocks for the second and third level
  • [+] New option in the menu control - the number of third-level subcategories, which are visible by default without reference to "More"
  • [+] Implemented mechanism for limiting the size of the logo
  • [~] Fixed minor bugs for display on the PC version and adaptability
  • [~] Fixed a bug with number of reviews
  • [~] Adjustments for color schemas (bug fixes in default colors)
  • [+] Copyright submitted into the language variable (can be removed or changed by the required)
  • [+] Adaptation od addon "Order in 1 click by the phone" (provided a harmonious conclusion of the order form and button)
  • [+] Adaptation for Seo Pages for filters addon
  • [+] Short list of product features was added in the product listing on category page
  • Use the following statement to update your theme on new version
  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
Compatible versions:
  • 4.10.2
  • 4.10.1
  • 4.9.3
  • 4.9.2
  • 4.9.1
  • 4.8.2
  • 4.8.1
  • 4.7.4
  • 4.7.3
  • 4.7.2
  • 4.7.1
  • 4.6.3
  • 4.6.2
  • 4.6.1
  • 4.5.2
  • 4.5.1
  • 4.4.3
  • 4.4.2
  • 4.4.1
  • English
  • Русский
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Best template
The best is undisputed
Technical Support
Fast after-sale response service
I recommend dealing with them

Has some nice features, seems to load fast but doesn't include schema markup for reviews and ratings.

Почти все сайты дают возможность регить через соцсети:) Please Реализуйте регистрацию через социальные сети

Хороший дизайн, не тормозит. Стоит своих денег. Но если что-то вдруг не работает (косяков мало, но есть. Например пункты самовывоза на карте не отображаются, да и сама карта не отображается, даже на их демо) или хотите что-то доработать под свои нужды вот тут начинаются сюрпризы.
Достучаться до вендора по телефону нереально. На письма с сайта не отвечают (уже 5 дней жду ответ). Ну, да Бог с ними. Лезешь в код и утыкаешься вот в такое:
call_user_func(ab_____(base64_decode('Z29gZHBxeg==')),call_user_func(ab_____(base64_decode('ZWpzb2JuZg==')),$addon_zip), call_user_func(ab_____(base64_decode('VXpoaV1TZmhqdHVzejs7aGZ1')),ab_____(base64_decode('ZHBvZ2poL2Vqcy9zcHB1'))));
call_user_func(ab_____(base64_decode('Z29gdm9qb3R1Ym1tYGJlZXBv')),$result[ab_____(base64_decode('bw=='))], false);

Не весь код, но процентов 20 зашифровано вот таким образом. Наверное все их копируют и ежедневно воруют у них космические технологии. Жаль, что раньше не знал об этой паранойе - никогда бы не стал с ними связываться. Но раз уж купили, будем допиливать своими силами

Качественный шаблон и сама платформа CS-CART! Рекомендую к приобретению!
На сегодняшний день данный шаблон является единственным решением с лучшим юзабилити. Сравнивал с другими платформами, шаблонами, которые существуют на рынке. UniTheme выигрывает по всем параметрам.
Сама платформа CS-Cart не для чайников однозначно, требует изучения и привыкания к логике работы, понимания хотя бы что такое код и где его взять, но благодаря наличию документации по настройке и работе, а также видео уроков, работа с магазином становится проста и понятна, а данный шаблон превращает магазин в гибкий и настраиваемый функционал. Спасибо разработчикам!

Служба поддержки молодцы! И реально могут называться "Службой поддержки" все сделали, то о чем я просил службу поддержки мультивендора почти две с лишнем недели, а служба мультивендора так ни чем и не помогла, одни только отписки и не нужные советы. А ребята с помогли по первому обращению и все сделали в лучшем виде. Спасибо Вам огромное! +1000000 к карме! С Уважением к вам!

Я так думаю, лучшая тема из всех. Долго выбирали, но решили остановиться на этой теме. В принципе, все очень удобно и функционально. Тема отлично дополняется модулями от разработчика. Возникающие вопросы решаются, обновления выходят) Всегда можно поговорить напрямую, без всяких линий поддержки) Так конечно не дешево, но что поделать, своих денег стоит.

As expected, the UniTheme - Premium Adaptive Template is by far the BEST we've used and seen. It really makes our website more pleasing in the eye. The caliber of the developers who made this premium adaptive theme are expert and has done a great job. The support team is quick to action.

You are commendable.

Keep up the good work.

I am very happy with this unitheme and with the Quality of Service of this company.

Thank you..

Красивый шаблон, функционал охватывает практически все (модули и сама тема). Уровень техподдержки - самый высокий! Скорость реакции, не требуют лишнего, исправляют практически "мертвое"). Обязательно порекомендую друзьям. Некоторые уже работают:,,