VIVAshop - The #1 selling theme for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor

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The #1 selling theme on CS-Cart Marketplace. The most WANTED, most POWERFUL, and TOP RATED theme ever created for CS-Cart and MultiVendor


VIVAshop - The #1 selling theme for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor


Welcome to VIVAshop, the most advanced theme ever created for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor

We have created VIVAShop Multi-vendor theme simply to make the difference, being ready to impress any client of yours, having a unique and clean responsive design which perfectly adapts to any time of desktop or mobile device. It is definitely the best Multi-Vendor theme on the market and most probably the last Multi-Vendor theme you'll ever buy. You can use VIVAshop Multi-Vendor for absolutely any type of marketplaces, selling products like clothes, wines, watches, sunglasses, footwear, lingerie, home stuff, electronics, cell phones, multimedia or technical items, products for kids, gifts, or anything else. It comes with several premium add-ons included, as well as 25 already built-in styles, so you may choose the one which perfectly fits your needs, or you can customize any of them, or simply create your own style, as VIVAshop Multi-Vendor has a complete recoloring power - you can recolor anything! Get VIVAshop Multi-vendor today and set your store apart from your competition. As always, we'll also be here to support you through the impeccable support services we offer.


The most important ideas in the new VIVAshop Multi-Vendor 3 are the Multi-Vendor features, like for example the way the Vendor store looks like. The whole idea is that we wanted that each Vendor to have like a regular store inside of a big mall/marketplace, to be able to add banners on their homepage, banner sliders, featured products, to create menus, pages, add their own menu colors, etc… This is something unique in the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor market (and not only).


Included in the purchased package:

  1. Lifetime license for 1 CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor storefront URL (or unlimited Multi-Vendor Ultimate storefront URLs)
  2. Template package to install on your CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor installation
  3. Six (6) months of unlimited standard support (or priority support is chosen)
  4. Six (6) months of unlimited access to theme updates (renewal plan available after expiration)
  5. Ten (10) premium add-ons which come included in the theme package:
    • Advanced Multi-Vendor (available only with VIVAshop Multi-Vendor)
      Advanced and professional Multi-Vendor features and functionalities, absolutely unique on the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor market (and not only).
    • NEW! SEO Links For Vendor Stores (available only with VIVAshop Multi-Vendor)
      This add-on enables SEO friendly links (clean SEO links) for vendor stores. SEO is a common acronym for Search Engine Optimization. The add-on helps you optimize your marketplace for search engines and improve its ranking.
    • Extended Banners Pro
      Easily design advanced banners/banner sliders for a more professional and attractive look of your store. Unique-in-the-market features.
    • Advanced Mega Menu
      Add category icons/images, mini-description, labels, subcategory thumbnails, as well as mega menu images.
    • Featured Mega Menu Products
      Promote certain products by featuring them directly in the Mega Menu, making them easily accessible on any page of your store.
    • Product page quick info
      Add unlimited number of customizable blocks with quick information on the right side of the product page.
    • Featured product and banner tabs
      Create unlimited custom tabs with products, product scrollers, and banners. Customize these tabs by using your own colors.
    • Category banners
      Easily assign banners and banner sliders to any store category, directly from the category editing page.
    • Extended Ratings
      Extend the default CS-Cart functionality for product, category and Vendor ratings.
    • Category Search
      Adds category filter to the main search input. Allows users to do a more exact search by looking for the desired products in a certain category.
  6. Sample data for an easy start (demo banners, store settings, content images, content pages)
  7. Access to online detailed documentation


Theme description and features:

Below you may find a full list of theme functionalities. Some of these functionalities are included the additional premium add-ons that come together with the theme:


General features:

  • Mega Menu with Images and subcategory thumbnails
  • Featured Products scroller in Mega menu
  • Menu Category Labels
  • Category Menu Font Awesome Icons and Mega Menu image thumbnails
  • Extended banners with several options (easily create responsive banners which can be totally different on desktop, mobile and tablet )
  • Advanced Search
  • Main horizontal Menu with Font Awesome icons
  • Mega Menu with hover delay
  • Featured Category blocks (homepage)
  • Back to Top button
  • Sticky Menu
  • Back to top button
  • Category page features:
  • Subcategory slider option on Category pages
  • Advanced easy horizontal filters
  • Easy category navigation on category pages, with all product counter
  • Featured Vendor block in sidebar
  • Vendor name, logo, location and number of products displayed on product listings
  • Product features displayed directly on product List View
  • Number of reviews on product listings
  • “Buy now with one click” option on product listings
  • Product variations colors displayed on product listings
  • Sticky mobile category menu with swipe functionality
  • Sticky mobile filters with swipe functionality


Product page features:

  • Advanced product and Vendor reviews, with reviews chart
  • Advanced “Sold by” block on product page, (including Vendor logo, link to store, reviews, location, phone, contact, and vendor tabs)
  • “From the same vendor” products block
  • Sticky Product bar
  • Sticky product tabs
  • Buy Together blocks on product page
  • 2 Product page layouts
  • Sticky product image and product additional details
  • Sticky buy button for mobile devices
  • Bottom bar on mobile
  • Product page Quick Info add-on.


Professional vendor microstore which includes:

  • Quick details in vendor store header: store name, reviews, location, phone number, contact vendor and social media links
  • “Search for Vendor products” always displayed on vendor store
  • Store menu: Home, About us, New Products in store, On sale in store, Bestsellers in store,Custom vendor pages, Contact and store reviews
  • Ability for vendors to add on homepage: unlimited banners, unlimited banner sliders, unlimited HTML content, unlimited featured products blocks
  • Vendor Categories menu
  • Vendors may choose how to display product filters: horizontally or vertically
  • Easy category navigation on Vendors store sidebar, with Vendor product counter
  • About us menu button: Vendor description
  • Store New Products, On sale, Bestsellers
  • Unlimited Vendor custom pages
  • Vendor contact page with HTML content, map, address, email, phone number and website
  • When navigating in Marketplace, any clicked Vendor links open in new windows
  • Advanced Vendor reviews with rating chart
  • Special Product Page in Vendor store: never leave the Microstore
  • Stylish “Vendor plans” page and “Apply for a Vendor account” form
  • Sticky Vendor Menu


Other general features:

  • Beautiful “Contacts” page with Marketplace locations
  • Stylish blog page and Blog article with “latest blog posts”
  • Lazy loader
  • Custom already built-in Styles
  • Coloring options
  • Display product number in Cart, Wishlist and Comparison list
  • Color variations visible on product listings
  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
  • CS-Cart Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor PLUS
Compatible versions
  • 4.13.3
  • English
  • Български
  • Dansk
  • Deutsch
  • Ελληνικά
  • Español
  • Français
  • Italiano
  • Nederlands
  • Norsk
  • Polska
  • Română
  • Русский
  • Slovenščina
  • 中文
Amazing theme with lots of features and great support

- Very fast and NGINX with PageSpeed takes it to another level
- Simple to use for both users and admins
- Features added fairly frequently with updates
- Up to date within a week or 2 after CS-Cart update
- The support theam is there to help you, have not let us down yet
- Attention to detail
- Responsive but still works with Twigmo
- 2 skins and many configurable schemes for the price of 1
- Graphic templates included, so you can keep everything consistent

In all honesty it is probably the most complete and definitely the most unique theme available for CS-Cart. We are a long time customer and stand behind this review 100%.
The VIVAshop theme is the best and the only thing better than this theme is the outstanding support offered by their team. I have had several small elements changed to suit just me and nothing is to much trouble. Thanks B
The service is second to none! I installed the wrong template version per accident and Energothemes fixed it for me in no-time! Much appreciated!

Ill be back in the future!

You won't be disappointed.
Very nice theme with very good install service and support. Just the most brilliant theme out there! I reccomend this theme to anyone!
Christopher McD
This theme is extremely well coded. They have focused on:

- Speed (Fast loading, google loves it!)
- Design (with usability being the main thing in mind)
- Thought out and around a while
- Responsiveness (Responsive, while looking great)
- Tried and tested methods, no weird design elements that confuse people
- The little things (Every page has placeholder content, and little tools, making your pages look better, but still not like a template!)

Even though the theme is great, I really believe the staff are the main reason we are using this on both of our stores. With 20+ hours of custom development with them, they provide on time, never say it's impossible, and have extremely good communication skills.

If you are a small to medium business I would highly recommend Energo.

An extremely good two year relationship with Energo.
Never having installed a CS-Cart theme before, I was originally hesitant to go ahead and purchase this theme as I was worried that it would 'not be as easy a it sounds'. After trying out the demo store I found myself being totally convinced to purchase and install the theme - and I am truly unable to find any fault.

The theme came with detailed step by step instructions (in HTML format) which even included customized links to the correct parts of your admin area to make things simpler. Although the theme comes with a 'quick install' option with sample data and images ready-to-go, I opted to try the manual method as I intend to use it on an existing store. It took me around an hour from start to finish and I remain really impressed. Visually I love the design and practically it is very easy to change in the admin area.

We have decided to use this theme across all of our in-house sites as we are so impressed.

The features we love the best are: 1) Search Addon allowing customers to easily choose a category to search within (from any page) 2) Search results include images 3) Mobile friendly - increasing our sales.
Very nice design, simple to use, friendly, fast and updated as cs-cart versions successively.
Excellent solution for RTL language.
Extremely helpful support and communication.
I've been a cs-cart customer for over 10 years, since 2007, and this theme is by far the best base to use for creating an amazing theme. Welcome to 2017! We have moulded this theme for 3 stores and are very happy with it. The biggest problem we have when upgrading our stores to the latest version is losing a lot of our customisations, luckily the team at Energo Themes provides perfect instructions and their upgrade theme process works, unlike most of the other themes from other designers. Support is also top-notch, replies on the same day, and always helping the customer find a solution. Very happy with this theme and would recommend it to others.
ilias prodafikas
I bought both templates from energot
what I have to say about this company is only a word
this word includes all the great customer service functional templates and more
I worked with them only good impressions gives me
a pleasure to work with them again

Thank you again energot
I believe that is the best responsive theme for cs-cart, easy customization flexible design and the support also is excellent.