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4.0 (1)
Displays the price of specific unit amount or product value. The ability to set unit amount and value to product's options for easy switching in store.
Unique Product SKU Or Code
5.0 (2)

CS-Cart Unique Product SKU Or Code: This useful addon improves stores inventory management by reducing the duplicacy of SKUs. It identifies already existing duplicate product codes and also auto replace them with unique ones.

Unique Product Sku Generator
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Optimize inventory tracking with the CS-Cart Unique Product SKU Generator add-on. Automatically generate unique product codes for efficient management, error prevention, and seamless organization. Streamline your product management today.

Unique product codes
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Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor protects you to set the same product code to different products. Every product in shop has its code, that is used during shopping or checking availability. If code typed during creating or editing product exists in shop, it won't be changed and warning will be displayed.
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Unique Product Codes
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Allows you to set product code format and check for empty codes and duplicates.
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Ukrainian cities
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Twitter Pixel
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Twilio SMS Notification
5.0 (1)

It Allows you to set up administrator SMS order notifications and Customer SMS notification for shipping status, Registration on store, order info and Product low stock SMS notification for Vendor.

Twelve интеграция платежной платформы
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Данный модуль интегрирует платежную систему Twelve