Certificates / Cashback / Loyalty

Certificates / Cashback / Loyalty

7 reviews
Loyalty Program
Launch a loyalty program for the returning customers.


6 reviews
Points and Cash
Set the rules of your points-based loyalty program.


5 reviews
Auto-Assign User Group
Assign the newly registered user to a certain user group.

3 reviews
Birthday Present
Increase customer loyalty with our Birthday Present add-on.


2 reviews
Reward points burn out
The CS-Cart "Reward Points Burn Out" Module motivates users to use their reward points in defined terms and make purchases, so increasing sales.

Cumulative discount
With Cumulative discount add-on you are able to build a loyalty system, based on usergroups, and give various bonuses (i.e. discounts) to customers, depen...

Affiliate Light
Diversify your marketing campaigns with Affiliate program. Rank higher, gain traffic, and boost sales in your online store simply setting up the Affiliate L...