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Sly Slider
5.0 (2)
An attractive and functional horizontal carousel with categories, products or brands
Size Charts
5.0 (5)
Save 30%
Ability to create and display various size charts on the page of a single product or products of an entire category.
Size Chart
4.0 (2)
Having a proper size chart can be more helpful if you offer custom-made products. CS-Cart Size Chart add-on helps you display the measurements of a product. You can add custom measurements of any particular product along with size guide image.
Single Seller Checkout
5.0 (2)
CS-Cart Single Seller Checkout allows to checkout from single seller only.admin can allow the vendor on his store to manage payment methods.
Simplifying checkout + Guest auto registration
No reviews
Orders from guests with a registered email.
Automatic registration of new customers.
Simplify interface of promotions
No reviews

Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows simplifying interface of promotions by removing some conditions and bonuses from it.

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CS-Cart add-on Simple Profit
Simple Profit
5.0 (2)

Simple Profit tells profit per product, profit per order and the total profit in a convenient way.

Simple import from Excel, XML, CSV files with Multivendor support
5.0 (28)
Save 12%
Import and update products and features. Addon can help you control stocks & prices via Excel, XML price lists.
CS-Cart add-on simple admin helper
Simple Admin Helper
No reviews
This module adds new top menu item to the admin panel with the set of most important tools