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Accessories and Similar Products
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Automatic selection of appropriate products - accessories and similars, based on their cost and features.
Cs-Cart add-on accordion meny
Accordion Menu
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This module allows to create 2-level accordion menu

Accordion Slider
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Accordion Slider is an awesome Addon by which you can display slideshow in a very beautiful manner with help of many themes & effects. You can display Product name/Category name/Custom name as a title with linkable image of any slide.

Accounting - Vendor Payout
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​Create payments for Vendors based on completed orders from the Administrator panel. Keep track of payments with corresponding ​orders. Finally!
Accounting with vendors
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The owner of the marketplace needs to see the overall picture and understand how much money the vendors owe them and what payments they should make. This module will show you the general picture and balance of the vendors with different filters.

Add products to cart by link
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Creating template links.
Creating cart with products.
Links for Google Merchant.
Add-ons to the CommerceML module
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The module displays the Administration->Data synchronization menu for the multivendor version to the main administrator, allows vendors to create a product based on a common product when exchanging goods through 1C, and also disable the ability to create new goods through the 1C exchange for vendors.
Adding scharacteristics by vendor
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Thanks to the module, the seller independently enters the characteristics and their values for their own goods, keeping them up to date.

Additional Block Settings
5.0 (6)

This module allows to enable blocks for mobile, tablet or desktop devices and enable blocks for specific user groups.

Additional Block Settings
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Сustomize your store look individually for different user groups. Ability to display the block content on different devices: desktops, tablets, mobiles.