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Allows you to add a payment method using the universal payment acceptance system in Uzbekistan
tooltip cs cart
Advanced Tooltip codesbar
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Advance Tooltip allows users to put text, image and video for each tooltip.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Sub-Accounts
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CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Sub-accounts is a feature of the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor eCommerce platform that allows the admin to create and manage sub-accounts within their online store.
Easy Order Print
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Our application prints new orders directly to thermal printer or to any printer

Easy Product Create
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CS-Cart Jokul Payment Gateway
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Smartarget - Button Builder
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Easily create buttons for your website.

Preload Prefetch Preconnect For Resources
5.0 (1)
Preload fonts and other resources that are late detected by the browser when loading store pages. You can configure the order in which such resources are loaded and get additional points in Google PageSpeed.
Local Product Options
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Returns old functionality that allows bind global option as copy of local