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Configuring the progress CommerceML response
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The module adds a maximum time limit for data transfer from 1C and MoySklad.
Content protection from copying
3.7 (3)
Keep content of your store protected and unical
Contract Execution module for CS-Cart
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The module allows you to create an agreement for the buyer based on the selected order.

Contract Execution module for Multi-Vendor
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The module enters into a contract with the vendor on the condition of using the marketplace. The agreement is formed from the merchant's personal account. The seller can form a contract for the buyer on behalf of its legal entity (the functionality is added via privileges).

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The add-on allows you to realize communication between customers, vendors and administrators.
Cookie notification Panel
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Convenient and simple Cookie notification panel for your users.

Copy translations between languages
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Extension to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows copying translations from one language to all others in store.

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Copying characteristics for Multi-Vendor
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The module copies product characteristics from one vendor's categories and transfers them to another vendor's categories.

Countdown promotion timer
Countdown promotion timer
1.0 (1)
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Allows to display the remaining promotion time in the form of countdown timer on a product/category page. This add-on helps to attracts customers' attention to store promotions and as a result increase sales.