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CS-Cart Delivery Boy App
5.0 (1)
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Efficient delivery management for CS-Cart stores. Delivery boys accept, track, and fulfill orders seamlessly.
CS-Cart Delivery Boy App
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CS-Cart Delivery Boy App is a Flutter based App that allows the cs-cart store admin to effectively assign the received order to the respective available delivery boys. On the other hand, the delivery boys can make use of the app to easily accept the orders and deliver the orders to the customer’s location.
CS-Cart Extended SMS Notifications
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CS-Cart Extended Video Tutorials
5.0 (2)
The CS-Cart Extended Video Tutorials facilitate the admin to insert help videos from Youtube or Vimeo on various pages on the admin panel and vendor panel. 
CS-Cart Gokada Shipping Method
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CS-Cart Hotline xml export
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Product feed template
CS-Cart Incomplete Product Addon
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CS-Cart Jokul Payment Gateway
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Save 56%
CS-Cart M-Pesa Express Payment Gateway
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CS-Cart M-Pesa Express Payment Gateway to add the M-Pesa payment method to their CS-Cart websites. The store owners can now offer one of the fastest and most secure methods to make payments.
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Sub-Accounts
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CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Sub-accounts is a feature of the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor eCommerce platform that allows the admin to create and manage sub-accounts within their online store.