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Integration with Wildberries
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Automation of product sales on Wildberries
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Free Shipping Bar
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CS-Cart Delivery Boy App
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CS-Cart Delivery Boy App is a Flutter based App that allows the cs-cart store admin to effectively assign the received order to the respective available delivery boys. On the other hand, the delivery boys can make use of the app to easily accept the orders and deliver the orders to the customer’s location.
Customer experience
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​The add-on collects customer feedback after placing an order. Reviews are collected in a popup window on the order placement page on a 5-point scale. If the client has selected 1-3 stars: a text field appears for entering wishes. On the order list page in the admin panel, there is a display of reviews, filters are provided for analysis.​
Strip HTML tags from company (Vendor) description
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Strip HTML tags from Vendor description
Prevent customers from completing orders depending on profile fields
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Extension to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows blocking order placement depending on profile fields customer fills.
Display full info about variations features in order management
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Extension to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows displaying values of variation features next to the products in orders.

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