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Advanced GDPR for CS-Cart 4.x
The ADVANCED GDPR Addon   with many automations that will make the use of default GDPR addon very simple and easy to use GDPR extended Extra Features...
Statistics Addon
Use this Addon to gather versatile store statistics and represent the data in a convenient and legible format. So you can evaluate your web store from ...
Auto Title Creation
A new powerfull SEO addon is available to make yourCS-Cart  store visible to the search machines Dynamicly creates Page Title for Products, Categories...
Google Tag Manager Conversion Tracking
The Google Tag Manager Conversion Tracking  add-on integrates Google Tag Manager into your website.  After you have created a  Google Tag Manager accou...
  • Скидка 30%
Интеграция Facebook Conversion API
Собирайте данные о событиях сайта в Facebook Event Manager, обходя браузерные ограничения сбора данных
Amazon Mega Menu
Now you can bring Amazon Mega Menu to CS-Cart! Just like in Amazon you have a left Drop Down Menu with all main Categories + a description li...
Product Labels Plus For CS-Cart
Our newest and long awaited Product Labels Addon is out! We tried to stuff as much as many options we could in this and let you take full contro...
Shipping/Payment Promotions
Fast and easy as any promotion. You can now set any kind of limitation you Like on both payment and Shipping! So set a Payment for specific product or cat...
Page redirect
Redirect products, categories and pages on custom URL or other entity. You can choose from 301 permanent and 302 temporary type of redirection.
Hidden fields in Checkout
A quite useful addon for stores that have retail and Wholesale customers. Gives you the ability to hide the fields related to issuing an invoice and avo...
Интеграция Google Cloud Translation
Предложите покупателям по всему миру контент, переведенный на 100 языков
Taxed Prices for CS-Cart
VATprices is a very useful CS-Cart Addon for all stores that want to show final prices but need to enter clean prices in dashboard., Default prices in CS-C...
Mini Deal per Product
Make an offer in every product with our mini deal Addon. You can now set a price offer which will be active for a certain date and time range, you will b...
Dimensional Weight
Volumetric weight, sometimes called "dim" or dimensional weight, is used when the space a shipment takes may cost more than the shipment's actual weight. ...
Language default currency
Specify a default currency for languages to be automatically switched on.
Уведомления в Telegram
Позволяет получать бесплатно уведомления о новых заказах в чат Telegram.
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Control page views with total flexibility
Простое управление счетом
Модуль позволяет настраивать не только счета, но и упаковочные листы через редактор WYSIWYG.
Партнерская Программа
Данный модуль позволяет награждать пользователей, которые приводят новых покупателей в ваш магазин
Экспорт/ импорт категорий
Этот модуль позволяет производить импорт и экспорт категорий товаров
Youtube Video Tab Addon
Display the Youtube videos on product detail page.
Restrict Shipping Countries to Vendor
This addon restrict specific countries for shipping to vendor. In checkout page this addon only...
Расширенный предзаказ
Модуль позволяет продавать товар которого нет в наличии
  • Скидка 25%
Auto Cancel Orders
This precious addon makes the open orders to cancel at specific interval,