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Banking details and invoices
No reviews
Allows you to flexibly configure and automatically fill in the details of the buyer using the DaData service for invoicing. Adds the ability to create forms for registering a vendor or a buyer with details fields from the module settings
Professional Full-Width Banner
4.9 (15)

Engage your customers with full-width banners containing an advertising text and a call-to-action button

Create Gift Lists for Special Occasion
5.0 (4)
Save 12%

Attract more customers with an amazing registry service

Product quality
No reviews
Save 18%
Increases customer confidence by showing the number of sales and the percentage of returns (defective) in the product card.
External code for new CommerceML exchange
No reviews
Save 40%

Displays the external code (external id) in the product card, including in the variation. Supports export and import.

CS-Cart addon stipeconnect
Stripe Connect for Multi-Vendor
No reviews

Integrates Stripe Connect as a payment option in Multi-Vendor

Share Payment Links with your Clients
4.7 (15)

Send payment links directly to your customers via email

Generate link for quick payment
5.0 (6)

Speed up the purchase process

Mark your liked products
4.8 (4)

Show the most popular products!

Google Merchant Shopping Feeds
5.0 (4)

This plugin allows you to create dynamic advertising in Google for the promotion of online store products using data feed. 

Upload your product data, and millions of shoppers will see your online merchandise and products in the store. Change it at any time so that customers always see relevant information in your ads

Advanced Security
5.0 (5)

A comprehensive, all-in-one security toolset for security audit and integrity monitoring with security hardening features for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor

Microsoft Azure Translator Integeration
5.0 (1)

Microsoft Azure Translator API integration with advanced settings and Features Helps You to Auto or manual Translate CS-Cart Modules Products , categories , blogs . etc...