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Extended Store Locator
5.0 (1)

Extended Store Locator : This magnificient add-on will power user’s site with CS-Cart store locator integrated with location management system possessing the best location representing tool.

CS-Cart add-on extended suppliers
Extended Suppliers
No reviews

This module allows to track incoming products from different suppliers

Extended Tags / SEO for Tags
5.0 (1)

Ability to create a custom page with a list of all tags, each of which can be configured (color, position, translation, description, SEO data, etc.).

Extended vendor information on product page
No reviews

The addon adds a block to the product card that expands information about the vendor in the product card and on the vendor page.

Extended Wish List
5.0 (1)

All users can add products to the wish list, group these products and attach notes to them, send the wish list by the email. One click by the administrator and the registered user will get an email reminder about the products that interested him.

Extension reviews
No reviews

Allows the administrator to answer questions and user comments, and notify response.

External code for new CommerceML exchange
No reviews
Save 40%
Displays the external code (external id) in the product card, including in the variation. Supports export and import.
Extra Account
No reviews
Elevate your website to the standards of leading global e-commerce websites. The intuitive and easy-to-use interface ensures a seamless experience for your customers. Customizable aesthetics.
CS-Cart add-on extra services
Extra Services
5.0 (2)

This module allows you to create list of additional services (rush delivery, shipping insurance etc.)

Extra vendor filters
No reviews

The addon adds additional filters to the page with the list of vendors.

Face Authorization
No reviews
Allows to log in using face image from web camera. Developed by CS-Coding
Facebook Catalog Feed (Facebook Store) + Instagram Feed
5.0 (2)
Save 30%

The plugin makes it possible to create dynamic advertising on Facebook for the promotion of online store products using data feed.

Upload your product data and let millions of shoppers see your online and in-store inventory. Edit it whenever you want, so shoppers always see the right information in your ads.

The plugin allows you to create and quickly adjust a large number of advertisements depending on the presence or absence of certain goods in stock (showing only current ads).