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Seller Plan Contract
1.0 (2)

This addon allows an admin to create a contract for each seller plan that includes the details of the seller company and various terms and conditions that an admin want to add to his contract.

Change icon of your cart with nice effects with number of products in cart
Awesome Cart Icon Effect
1.0 (1)
Save 80%

This addon will change your cart icon and its appearance to modern style which is best for latest stores.

The old style of cart is improved by newest style and it looks really awesome to users and they have clear visibility to your store cart icon.

Wallet One
1.0 (1)
FedEx Shipping Labels add-on
FedEx Shipping Labels
1.0 (1)

FedEx Shipping Labels add-on makes it possible to get and print out the labels right from the CS-Cart backend. This feature is available not only for a CS-Cart store administrator but for every vendor too.

RosKassa payment
1.0 (1)

Используйте платежную систему RosKassa для транзакций практически с любым шлюзом или платежной службой. Быстро выходите на новые рынки, обеспечивайте безопасность и соответствие платежей и адаптируйте свой платежный стек для поддержки своей бизнес-стратегии.

Request for quotation - RFQ
1.0 (1)
Save 67%

This addon is developed to help buyers to get quote from all vendors for any specific requirement, and vendors will be able to quote as per requirement of customer, they can quote according to RFQ and customer will have more flexibility to find products on your store.

it will also keep customers and vendors active on a running store.

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Recommended products image
Recommended products
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Display products related to the chosen one on the product detailed page in the separate tab.

Page change effect
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Causes a web page to open with a visual effects
Easy scroll pagination CS-Cart add-on
Easy scroll pagination
No reviews

SEO friendly Easy scroll pagination add-on allows customers to use infinite scrolling while viewing the long list of products or website content.

CS-Cart add-on Shop by Brands
Shop by Brands
No reviews

Shop by Brands add-on allows you to create A-Z block on any website page and gives shoppers a possibility to shop by Brands available in a store.

No reviews
Save 29%
Adds the "FAQ" tab on a product details page. Creates the convenient and effective way to hold on a dialog with clients.
CS-Cart add-on Cron Jobs
Cron Jobs
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Allows you to perform automatically the following actions at set intervals: Backup database; Optimize database; Clear cache and regenerate site map; Clear stats; Clear logs Set backup to admin's email