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Update supplier balances of marketplace
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Save 50%

The module clears the remnants of suppliers ' products.

SEO for tags pages and auto-assignment by rules
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+Auto-assignment by rules. Get search traffic to tag pages

Wallet One
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Vipps add-on for CS-Cart
Vipps Payment Method
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Vipps is a popular Norwegian payment and identity service. Vipps was designed as a mobile application. Several millions of people use this payment. Alt-team created a CS-Cart payment add-on for Vipps service.

Hide feature from vendor
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This add-on allows you to hide the features from the vendor.  You can open or close the feature from vendor by one click.

Automatic Alt and Title tags for images using templates
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Get templates based automatic SEO optimization

CS-Cart Delivery Boy App
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Save 33%
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The most technological implementation for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor

Import shopify/wordpress Products
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Save 46%

shopify to cs cart import products

Import Shopify Products

Import Wordpress Products