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Модуль "Покупатель нашел дешевле"
Модуль "Покупатель нашел дешевле" встраивается в карточку товара. Покупатель может отправить запрос к администратору магазина и указать любые данные, гд...
Sales Reports Export
This module allows to export sales reports in CSV format
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Cs-Cart Vendor Application
Ecarter Vendor App provides facility to access your  Cs-Cart  vendor panel using mobile, to access your vendor panel  simply you just need to  install  Ecar...
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Generate simple sales reports
Add-on to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows generating sales reports basing on categories, products or customer in CSV format.
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Vendor Product Report with Report Button
Vendor Product Report with Report Button plugin will allow your users to report inappropriate Vendor products.
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Fast & Smart search
Smart search with typo correction. The ability to quickly filter in search results!
Store Import
Upgrade your CS-Cart store to the latest version by importing the database to a new installation.