[DATAROU] Export Order Product Options

[DATAROU] Export Order Product Options

Do you want to analyze the data which customers entered in options of a product when ordering?

You can export such data with [DATAROU] Export Order Product Options.

How to install?

1. Go to Add-ons > Manage add-ons.

2. Click [+](Upload & install add-on) button or select [Manual installation] from toggle menu.

3. Click [Local] button and select zip file of this addon.

4. Click [Upload & install] button.

How to use?

This addon will allow you to export following data.

Product options: Product options' values which customers entered when ordering products.

1. Go to Orders > View orders

2. Slect a single product at [Advanced search] and click [Search] button.

* The selected product must have options.

* If you select multiple products, only smallest product id is used for exporting Order Produt Options.

3. Select a single order or several orders, then click [Action] > [Export Product Options]

Or click top right icon export_icon.png?1604912496019 (Export Product Options (All)).

4. Move Options name which you want to export from [Available fields] to [Exported fields].

* Selected product name is displayed at "Selected product" under Export options.

5. Click [Export] button.

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We provide CS-CART addons mainly for dashboard, chart, export etc. of data related addons.

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We provide CS-CART addons mainly for dashboard, chart, export etc. of data related addons.

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