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Cluj-Napoca, 407280 Romania

Company is a small team, dedicated to developing products and solutions for eCommerce businesses. We have been working with CS-Cart since 2010 and we have an extensive experience with custom development:
- add-ons of all types (integration of payment processors, shipping methods, third-party services et al.);
- theme integrations (desktop and responsive);
- or turnkey Web sites, ready to serve your customers' needs.

We're also interested in developing and improving marketing analysis tools, machine learning based apps, optimizing & enhancing Web performance and security and much more!

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VAT number: RO 34039900
Legal representative: Sergiu Valentin Vlad
Registered office address: Mures, Romania, Europe


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I've only used this add-on for a brief period, but any CS Cart user knows that there isn't another substitute for what it does in the market. But here's what important, THE QUALITY OF

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