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Hungryweb | CS-Cart Developer

Hungryweb is a distinguished software firm with a core focus on delivering sophisticated eCommerce solutions through the utilization of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor platforms. Our dedicated team of seasoned developers and designers tirelessly endeavors to ensure that merchants gain access to the latest and most streamlined web stores available.

Our range of services encompasses the adept management of eCommerce websites, ensuring their harmonious integration with diverse Internet services, and delivering steadfast, ongoing support to sustain our clients' enduring prosperity. We recognize the pivotal role of a robust and user-centric platform in the triumph of an eCommerce enterprise, and our dedicated team diligently strives to furnish precisely that.

At Hungryweb, our unwavering dedication is to provide top-tier solutions tailored to the distinct requirements of our clients. Whether you represent a burgeoning small enterprise embarking on its inaugural eCommerce venture or a prominent corporation striving to amplify its online footprint, our profound expertise and extensive experience are at your disposal, ensuring your triumph in the dynamic realm of the digital marketplace.


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For a long time I have been looking for someone who could write module for my CS-CART and here on the site I found Valentin Dragan. This is the only CS-CART developer who correctly
We have work in the past with a lot developers, but this guy is the best we ever had. You ask something before you know its already done.

And its not that we say this because he ask us to write it down here its because this is the true.

You need anything do not hesitate to ask.
If you need a guy (a developer) that is quick of grasps of what you need for your store. Go with Valentin ( Good sense of humor and understanding of your needs. Be it a mod of even an


A-Z Product Catalog
Save 13%

The A-Z Product Catalog mapping provides you with an easy way to find products by their names. Each product name is linked to a detailed page where you can find product information.

Fancy Color Filter
Save 11%

Allow your customers to browse your products by using color filters.

Estimated Delivery Date

Let the customer be in the know of the delivery date when he is on checkout page.

Product Tabs Extra

Have you ever needed an extra tab on the product page? The product page is one of the most important parts of your store.

Sales Reports Export to Excel
Save 20%

Wouldn't it be super-convenient if you could export your sales reports to MS Excel?

Shipping And Payment Restrictions

Shipping and Payment Restrictions gives you complete control over the payment gateways, shipping methods available to customers during checkout.