Наша компания предлагает широкий набор решений в различных сферах от компьютерных до

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Наша компания предлагает широкий набор решений в различных сферах от компьютерных до интернет-технологий.

Мы предлагаем Вам следующие услуги:

  • IT-аутсорсинг
  • обслуживание серверов
  • разработка и сопровождение сайтов

Мы обладаем уникальным опытом разработки и внедрения ИТ концепций на предприятиях различного масштаба и

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Filter products in the block
5.0 (2)

Filter products in the block - with this add-on you can filtered products in block by using standard filters.

Just copy hash from needed filter and insert in block settings.

Advanced shipping parameters
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Save 10%
Association banners with the seller
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This addon allow to specify banners to vendor. Banners will be shown only at the vendor pages.

Hide feature from vendor
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This add-on allows you to hide the features from the vendor.  You can open or close the feature from vendor by one click.

Honest rating
No reviews

This add-on is an add-on for reviews in cs-cart. Its main features are:

  • Adds a rating to products (not displayed in the product card) and sorting by rating
  • Adds the ability to enable or disable the display of ratings for goods in the block.
  • Displays more detailed grade information.
Html filter for descriptions
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Add-on let you enable or disable for vendors insert video in description.Also you let set black or white url list. If you set white list vendor will be able insert links only on sites in white list. In case with black list vendor will be able insert any links, except urls in black list.

Accounting with vendors
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Save 10%

The owner of the marketplace needs to see the overall picture and understand how much money the vendors owe them and what payments they should make. This module will show you the general picture and balance of the vendors with different filters.

Joint use payments in MVE Direct Customer-to-Vendor Payments mode
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If you install and turn on in MVE add-on "Direct Customer-to-Vendor Payments", customers will be able pay for purchases only using vendors payments. But with this add-on vendor can use and provide for customers not only own payments. In this case they will be able to use marketplace payments.

Help Center for Vendors
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Save 25%

The add-on allows you to create a simple help system for sellers (vendors). You will be able to display a welcome message on the seller's (vendor's) page, it can be news or a brief help, any text of your choice. And also you will can show sellers (vendors) one or more videos (videos should be posted on YouTube)