Who Are We CS-Cart Addons is a separate development department inside the CS-Cart company

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Who Are We

CS-Cart Addons is a separate development department inside the CS-Cart company structure. Our team possesses great expertise in the e-commerce market and delivers our clients the most effective, avant-garde and demanded technological solutions for their online stores and marketplaces.

Our team is mainly focused on development of new add-ons for CS-Cart based internet projects. We have more than 100 developed add-ons and themes in our case, and the range of our products

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Ready-made Templates for SEO configuration
4.9 (27)
Optimize metadata for products, categories, pages, blog posts, and product images automatically
Remarketing Campaigns with Google
5.0 (17)

Launch remarketing campaigns and reach specific audiences for your CS-Cart store with ease.

Google Analytics for your business
4.6 (41)

Track users behavior across your store & get advanced reports and analytics

Quick shipment estimation for clients
5.0 (14)

Display a shipping fee estimation block on the product page so that the user or customer can check/find out the shipping fee.

YouTube Video Gallery
4.7 (25)

Substitute product pictures with videos and attract more customers to your store

Optimize Content for Mobile Devices
4.8 (20)

Boost your SEO and get more traffic from Google on phones and tablets

Professional Full-Width Banner
4.9 (15)

Engage your customers with full-width banners containing an advertising text and a call-to-action button

Extended Affiliate Program
4.6 (22)

Create affiliate programs with other online stores and websites to grow your business

Fast Scroll Back to Top of the Page
4.9 (12)

Add scrolling to top/bottom of the page in one click. Matches every design

Advanced menu functionality
4.9 (13)

Add  dropdown and horizontal menus and customize it with labels, icons and additional context

Advanced and improved orders
4.9 (11)

The add-on allows to display a thumbnail of a product on the order details page and the invoice and create attachments to the orders.

Create unique labels for your products
4.5 (21)
Improve customers experience and increase your profit
Prices better than your competitor's
4.7 (14)

Get more information about your competitors

Share Payment Links with your Clients
4.7 (15)
Send payment links directly to your customers via email
Category Gallery
5.0 (8)
Make it easy to find the right category from the start
Motivate purchases with social approval of the product
4.5 (16)
Show proof that your store is a popular venue
Clone Categories
5.0 (7)

Clone the entire category tree instead of creating it from scratch.

Sticky Menu of your storefront
5.0 (7)

Make your menu or any element you choose stay visible at the top of the screen while scrolling

Share products in social networks
4.8 (9)

Let your customers share products & pages with their friends on 20 popular social networks

XML & CSV reports
4.8 (9)
Upload product database automatically
Show more products with one click
4.5 (13)

Offer your customers an efficient way to browse massive amounts of items without preloading

Generate link for quick payment
5.0 (6)

Speed up the purchase process

Blocks Animation
5.0 (6)

Make your website dynamic with a set of amazing animation effects

Pay with Bonus Points
5.0 (6)

Set the number of points your customers can use