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The add-on gives you a unique opportunity to turn your customers into your partners. They get real benefits for your store promotion — reward points or cash...


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Геолокация от Google
By incorporating geolocation in your site you will be sure that your customers provide the most accurate addresses in the address line on their profile page...


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Google Tag Manager
Are you tired of waiting for months for site code updates? With the Google Tag Manager add-on you will save your nerves and money. The Google Tag Manager ad...


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Google Remarketing Tag
With Google Remarketing Tag add-on you can launch remarketing campaigns and reach specific audiences for your CS-Cart store with ease.Google Remarketing Tag...


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Search Ajax
Addon "search_ajax" is list to display the search results.


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Full CKEditor
Данный модуль добавляет полную версию редактора CKEditor


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Pay by Link
Send payment links directly to your customers via email with Pay by Link add-on.


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Нашли дешевле?
Make your prices the best with the Best Offer add-on! When a customer finds a price lower than in your store, they can let you know about it by clicking on ...