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Delivering CS-Cart solutions since 2005, Simtech Development is the only officially certified partner of CS-Cart.

Cloud Hosting for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor


spa/pwa for cs-cart and multi-vendor

custom development for cs-cart and multi-vendor

cs-cart and multi-vendor for startups

premium support cs-cart and multi-vendor addons

cs-cart and multi-vendor software with discount prices

why simtech development

admin help for cs-cart and multi-vendor


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I have bought from Simtech 18+ addons. Sometimes had issues with addons or addons had a bugs. Simtech was always helpful to fix it. But all changed after their support policy.
One of their complicated addon Youtube Video Galery has a bug. I have reported, they replied back, asked an access to my web. After 4 or 5 days they confirmed internal addon bug and NOT FIXED! They left how it is, used my website to investigate and test their addon instead of their dev site. On top of that Simtech sent invoices to subscribe to their support or one time incident. Hello, Simtech! I didn't have any incident. You asking money for your bug fixing. Very disappointed. Now I am trying to replace (if possible) all their addons on my web.

I have been pleasantly surprised by SimTech's excellent customer service, commitment to quality work and overall professionalism for several projects we've collaborated on.

Обратился за оценкой определенной доработки к этим ребятам, получил оценку которую запрашивал, а также еще один вариант который можно сделать родными средствами cms, и бесплатно. Его и выбрал. Спасибо за заботу о клиенте!

With the combined knowledge and highly professional team of SimTech producing quality project output that is being delivered on timely manner is an absolute winner in our perspective.

You are incomparable providing superb, excellent service.

Keep up the good work.

We have worked with Simtech on several major implementations of CS-Cart featuring high levels of complex bespoking work over a number of years and have found them uniformly excellent.

We regularly scan the market for alternative providers (as due diligence) but have never found the combination of value for money and product expertise that would give us cause to move from a development company that also provide excellent service over and above everything else.

Thoroughly recommended.

the Simtech company its real gold developer team for the cs-cart, they have a professional team who knows cs-cart inside out, LOVE THEM\!!! they helped me tremendously!!!!

I had the pleasure to work with Elena. She was so helpful and I felt very well taken care off right from the beginning. I had purchased a theme from another vendor to install into my multi-vendor cart, but there were things not working. The other vendor was not responsive and I was left with frustration. I reached out to Simtech and Elena identified what I needed and got the right team together to fix the bugs and make the changes needed. I would recommend getting your theme from Simtech right from the beginning, I would if I would have known, but they are also fully able to work with whatever you need help with. Great work Elena and thank your team!

We contacted Simtech for a big modification project that we needed done on a tight schedule, and the job was turned around in time and exactly to spec! They are responsive, helpful, great at fleshing out the details, and reasonably priced. Huge thanks to Elena Rychkova and the programming team for getting it so well put together for us!

The quality is pretty good regarding functionality. Sometimes there are delays. But usually okay with the results.

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