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Cloud Hosting for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor


We offer 100+ CS-Cart add-ons, which enhance the default functionality, improve site management, strengthen store protection and provide integrations with third-party programs.

Delivering CS-Cart solutions since 2005, Simtech Development is the only officially certified partner of CS-Cart.

We are CS-Cart development experts with 2000+ ecommerce projects in our portfolio and clients from 170 countries. We provide the whole range of CS-Cart custom development services from СS-Cart installation to development of additional functionality.


Our services

Custom development

Design creation

Server management

Installation & upgrade

Perfomance optimization

Design and usability audit

3rd party integration

Marketplace development

Amazon cloud hosting

Our advantages:

checked.png?1522675762644 Officially certified CS-Cart experts checked.png?1522675762644 Bug-free warranty for 100 days checked.png?1522675762644 Personal manager service for free
checked.png?1522675762644 Cooperation with CS-Cart architects checked.png?1522675762644 Code review & quality assurance checked.png?1522675762644 50+ highly qualified developers
checked.png?1522675762644 Support within 24 hours

Top rated addons


XML & CSV Import

Geolocation by Google


Youtube Video Gallery

Facebook Pixel


Turnkey CS-Cart solutions

We will be very glad to build an online store according to your wishes and requirements. We have an experience of building complex marketplaces like Incir as well as stores of branded products like Northskull from scratch.

➡ Have a look at more cases in our portfolio.


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As someone in the services sector, I really cannot afford to be a difficult customer; well, at least not on purpose. But when dealing with technology and having limited information about issues that can severely impact your business, one can really lose all sense of reasoning. That's where quality customer service and empathy comes in. My experience with Simtech, and in particular Elena Rychkova has been simply exceptional! She is truly a gem to communicate with, literally makes one feel like the only customer the company has. This is truly an enviable gift to possess, and she is one of Simtech's most formidable asset.
Thank you Simtech and Elena

Выражаю особую благодарность отделу DevOps. С подключением услуги серверная поддержка от Simtech я обрел надежную опору для всех интернет-проектов и могу быть спокоен за доступность сайта из любой точки планеты. За время работы, а это около 6 месяцев минимум, я получил ответы на самые разные вопросы касательно сервера и не только. Ребята понимают код и могут подсказать то, чего не видит даже разработчик, писавший этот код. Мониторинг, поиск причин нагрузок на сервер и их устранение - это все про отдел DevOps. Ну и, естественно, удобный формат общения. Telegram/Skype/etc. Где клиент захочет - там и будут вести диалог. Плюс отношение к проекту, бывает забываю продлевать услугу, но все работает, никто мониторинг не отключает, входят в положение. Рекомендую!

Simtech DevOps department are very professional, I have made a migration from my servers to Simtech servers (AWS hosting), everything has gone fast and smooth. I'm very happy with them, particularly with Roman Ananev, he is very attentive and he knows everything, he resolves everything very fast and kindly, always doing an excellent work!

You are supportive comparing to some other companies. We are using some of your add-ons and we are satisfied. All are useful and high quality, but some are complicated.

The service is really great and we wish to have a full customization by Simtech Development in the future, but you put high cost. Lets hope that we can do project together in the future.

We normally get a confirmation from Alex to say he is looking into our query and Alex always does the best he can to help. We are always kept informed. Simtech Development Customer Service is caring and supportive.

Good service with prompt response to solve problem
Always suggest improvement to get great performance to my site.
Highly recommend to other people.

Very satisfied. We have the complete functionality that we needed. Custom changes to addon work perfectly.

Development is great, they always solve all problems. All together Simtech Development is the best solution for any custom development for CS-Cart with also great addons that always work fine.

I purchased the Pay by Amazon cs-cart addon from Simtech but had a few difficulties installing it onto my system. I contacted their support team only to be greeted by good friendly helpful people, who were able to assist in solving the issues immediately. They not only gave help in installing the addon, but they also were able to go beyond the call of duty and assist in my Amazon account as well in setting it up correctly. I highly recommend the Simtech Development products, as well as the Simtech Development team and look forward to using some of their other products soon.

This review has been a long time coming. We have over the past months been working on our site's implementation and Customization. We didn't know too much about Simtechdev when we started other than the great reviews from other satisfied customers.
Well we would like to add our voice to the great positive reviews and State loud and clear. Simtechdev has been a true joy to work with. They get things done, period. If you need a group of professionals who fully understand CS Cart and can deliver on their promises. Then Simtechdev is the right choice. Special thank you to Mikhail Ivanov our initial rep and of course Ksenya Shelkova. Always available, always quick to respond. very knowledgeable. We will be working with you for the long haul.
Also before i go i must also recommend the hosting Services provided by Simtechdev. well worth it in my humble opinion. Anyone starting out and need to get up and running quickly and i do mean quickly. then look no further. Simtech dev should be seriously considered for all major work.

I'll keep updating as we progress because we have a lot of development planned over the next year but for now i am a very satisfied customer.
Cheers Simtech.

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