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General Text Requirements:

  1. Try not to use italic, bold or caps type.
  2. Use bulleted or numbered lists. Every list line must end:
  • with a semicolon (if it is a word or phrase);
  • with a dot (if it is a sentence).

The last list line must end with a dot.

Recommendations for Descriptions

Product Descriptions

  1. Fill in all the description fields for your product:
  • Full description—description displayed on the main product page.
  • Short description—information displayed under the “Buy” button.
  • Promo text—description displayed in the products list when you place the cursor on it.
  1. Specify what problems your product helps to solve, and what benefits your customer gets. Confirm your information by using numbers—this will help potential customers to make up their minds.
  2. Do not forget to specify the product features—it helps customers to find it faster.
  3. Breathe life into your description, add some informal details, tell everyone the story of your product, for example, why did you decide to create it, or how did it help in a specific situation.
  4. Upload images and/or videos of your product. Visual patterns are always taken well. Show the core aspects and benefits of using your add-on/theme.
  5. We recommend to add the product description in two languages (Russian and English). After making changes to the description in one language, don’t forget to make changes in another. When switching languages make sure that the texts are identical.

Company Descriptions

  1. Tell everyone what your company does, and for whom. Describe the problems that customers can solve using your products and services.
  2. Tell your customers about your company’s benefits using numbers, for example, tell them about your experience, or amount of projects.
  3. Describe your warranty policy. For example, in which case your add-ons/themes can be returned or modified, whether those services are paid or free.
  4. Add the company logo and your contacts (e-mail, link to the company’s website, phone number). Make sure to specify the languages in which you can communicate with your customers.
  5. We recommend that you fill in the information about your company as much as possible, including the info about your bank account details and privacy policy.

It Is Prohibited to:

  1. Use false information for descriptions of your products or your company.
  2. Use any external links. All the links in the descriptions should lead to https://marketplace.cs-cart.com. A link to a company’s website is specified in a separate field in the company description. A link to a demo version of the product is also specified in a separate field in the product description.
  3. Use the CS-Cart logo in descriptions without the consent of CS-Cart Marketing Department.

Mention other products for E-commerce development on CS-Cart Marketplace, if it’s not an essential part of this product or service.