Instructions on How to Submit a New Add-on

1. All actions are carried out in your Developer account at If you do not have one, please submit your application for getting a Developer account here.

2. Log in to your Developer account.

3. Go to Products page and click Add product button to start.

4. For convenience, all pieces of information about your product are grouped under several tabs.

General tab - here you can add the following information about your add-on:


a) Name - Name of the product as it appears on the storefront and in the Administration panel.

b) Categories - Click Add categories button, select up to 2 categories that the add-on will be assigned to. Please be objective while selecting them. Classify your product so that customers can more easily find it on our website. Save changes. To define the most relevant add-on's category, select the corresponding radio button.


c) Price - It should be the same price as you have on your website. Since all products are purchased directly from the Developer's (yours) site no pricing discrepancy is allowed. If you have product options you should enter the base price of your product. Please keep this information up to date.

d) Do not show price - tick this checkbox if your add-on is sold only a part of some build and can not be obtained separately.

e) Buy now URL - The URL of the product page on your website.

f) Live demo URL - It is great if you have a live demo of your add-on, if not, just leave it blank.

g)Full description - Feel free to use HTML to provide merchants an accurate description of the product's functionality and its capabilities. An informative description not only helps your customers better understand whether they need this product, but it is also just another SEO-wise opportunity. You may include images, videos and links on the resources on your website, such as product documentation, installation instructions, demo URL and your contact page. English description is a must. If your add-on is developed for some local market you can add a description in a specific language next to the one in English.

f) Images -You should upload one icon that graphically represents your add-on. This icon will be displayed anywhere your extension is listed. If you have a unique icon for your add-on with proportion 2,5x1 and min-resolution 350x140 pixels you are welcome to publish it. Please, do not use any labels like Free, Best and alike.

It is not a problem If you do not have a compatible icon, please follow the instructions on how to create the one that will look great on our Marketplace.

5. Add SEO and Meta data so that search engines could easily find your product or simply leave it blank.

SEO name - Please leave it as is.

Page title - Title of the product page on the storefront, which is displayed in the web browser when somebody is viewing the page. Required for SEO purposes.

META description - Contents of the HTML meta tag describing the product. Required for SEO purposes.

META keywords - Contents of the HTML tag containing a list of search keywords for the product. Required for SEO purposes.

6. Fill out some extra information about your product.

Short description - Short product description appearing on a product list page of the storefront. If you leave this field blank, the short description will be automatically taken from the full product description (first 150 characters.)

Search words - List of words by which the product should be easily found in the built-in search facility.

Promo text - Briefly describe the feature behavior of your product (max 130 English characters). This promo text is displayed in Quick product viewer and on the detailed product page.

7. Once you are done with all mentioned above, hit the Save button in the top right corner and proceed to the next tab.

Features tab - Here you should tick all supported languages and versions your product compatible with.Tags tab - It includes a list of tags associated with the product. Tags appear on the storefront in a special side box titled Tag cloud. Right tags will help customers to find your product

One more tab worth mentioning is the Reviews tab - here you can respond to your product reviews posted by the customers.

8. Hit the Save button in the top right corner one more time and you are done.

9. To get the better idea of what you are publishing you can preview the submitted information.

Just click on the drop-down menu button on the detailed product page and then select preview. You will be redirected to a closed for public page dedicated to your product. It will look exactly the same as it is going to be published on our website.


Your product will be reviewed by our team and if no problem found published on our Marketplace.