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User Points
This module allows to export and import customer reward points and shows reward points amount on the user listing

( 5.00 / 2 )  
User Activation By Mail
This magnificent extension has been provided the feature of activation of user account via mail.

( 3.67 / 3 )  
Uptime Monitor
Allows you to see your websites uptime directly in the CS-Cart dashboard

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Update exchange rates
Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows auto-update of currency exchange rates in store.

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Up-sells And Cross-sells
This module shows related products in the Add to cart notification, Cart content and notification on the order landing page

( 3.67 / 3 )  
UP Button
Кнопка "Вверх" - самое простое решение для страниц с большим количеством контента. Кнопка автоматически появляется при прокрутке страницы.

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Unrated shipping
The module adds a new language variable for easy delivery.

( 5.00 / 1 )  
Universal Content delivery network CDN addon for cs-cart
Cache your data using any Content delivery network service You can set-up add-on to cache images, css and js-files on.

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Unite (merge) selected orders into one
Merge different orders of one customer in one click. Easy to use addons will save your time for order processing Unite orders addon features: Merge s...

( 4.00 / 1 )  
Unit Price
Unit Price add-on shows a price of specific unit amount or product value at it's page, also the add-on allows setting unit amount and value to product's o...

( 4.00 / 1 )  
Unique Product SKU Or Code
This useful addon improves stores inventory management by reducing the duplicacy of SKUs. It identifies already existing duplicate product codes and also au...

( 5.00 / 2 )  
Unique product codes
Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor protects you to set the same product code to different products. Every product in shop has its code, that is us...

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