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The module allows your customers to offer their own price for your product, and you can specify the available minimum price depending on the purchase price for it.
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cs-cart addon subdomains for cities and states
Subdomains For Cities And States
5.0 (2)

This module allows to create subdomain for SEO promotion of the store in required regions

Stripe Connect Standard Account
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This payment gateway is the tool for handling payment information. Payment processing can be automated by having a secure vendor communicated with the payment gateway and ensuring seamless payment processing.

CS-Cart addon stipeconnect
Stripe Connect for Multi-Vendor
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Integrates Stripe Connect as a payment option in Multi-Vendor

Stripe Connect Custom Account
5.0 (1)

Via this add-on CS-Cart platform gets linked with Stripe Managed/ Custom account which will be completely invisible to account holders.

Stripe Checkout Payment Method
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Stripe Checkout Payment CS-Cart add-on costs USD 119. Stripe is a full-stack payments processor that is popular in European countries. Alt-team released the integration between CS-Cart and Stripe payment service. 

Strip HTML tags from product name & description
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Save 21%
Strips HTML tags from product name & description
Strip HTML tags from company (Vendor) description
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Strip HTML tags from Vendor description
Store Pickup Shipping
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CS-Cart store pickup shipping allows customers to pick up the product from the nearest store assigned by the seller/admin. The product is not compatible with Common Vendor Product

Store Import
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Upgrade your CS-Cart store to the latest version by importing the database to a new installation.