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Constructor of the User Agreement and Privacy Policy
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The add-on replaces the standard GDPR Compliance add-on and solves many problems of the GDPR Compliance add-on.

Show more button and infinite scrolling
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Add dynamics to your website - use a convenient tool to allow users to see many products without reloading the page.
Shipping Destination
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Advanced shipping cost calculation based on geographic location This add-on is set to transform the online shopping experience for your customers.
Free Shipping Bar
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Save 34%
Lazy load of blocks
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The add-on allows you to load the page first, and then load the products on the page.

Hide specific products by languages
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  • Hide specific products by languages
  • Support bulk edit and import/export
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Save 22%
Restrictions on changing order statuses
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  • Managing status changes
  • Unlimited Events
  • Flexible conditions
Limit Cart Quantity
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Effortlessly manage customer purchases with the CS-Cart Limit Cart Quantity addon. Admins can set minimum and maximum product quantity conditions tailored to different user groups. Customers must adhere to these limits when buying a particular product. The tool offers automatic selection of default values from a list of user groups with quantity specifications. Real-time notifications keep customers informed if their chosen quantity falls outside the set conditions. This addon empowers admins to control purchases effectively, ensuring a personalized and seamless shopping experience for customers.

Admin IP Restriction
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The add-on function helps you to Restrict Back-end User for specific IP Address or IP Range