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Forms History
This module allows to track data sent from forms created by 'Form builder' addon
Customer Purchased Products
This module allows to add block with products purchased by customer and monitor buyers' purchases in the admin panel
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Alert Addon
Cs-Cart Alert Addon: Alert addon provides a customized notification view for your cs-cart store as compared to the default view of notification of y...
Images names linked to product names
Addon to Multi-Vendor and CS-Cart allows auto-changing names of images assigned to products, so they will match product SEO.
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Customer Logs System
This add-on allows you to track customer activity on the admin panel. Admin can see each and every activity of a user on his store. An activity like when...
Additional Order Statuses
This module adds new field with additional statuses for orders
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Bulk Add To Cart
The add-on allows you to select the desired quantities on the product list and add them to the cart with one click. Since customers don’t have to go to the ...
Vendor contact information on product card
Extension to Multi-Vendor allows to display links to information about vendor in store.
Authorization by face
This CS-Cart Addon allows users to save face biometric data and use it for authorization using neural network and artificial intelligence.
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Upayments Payment Gateway
UPayments offer an online payment gateway for your CS-Cart Store and app with a plug-and-play developer kit to easily integrate debit and credit card paym...