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CS-Cart Wallet System
This addon provides a most useful and trending payment feature for your CS-Cart store user in the form of a built-in wallet system of the store.this addon p...
Images names linked to product names
Addon to Multi-Vendor and CS-Cart allows auto-changing names of images assigned to products, so they will match product SEO.
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Export / Import Categories for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor
The module adds functionality to import and export categories and nested content for bulk editing or transfer between sites. Detailed step-by-step instruc...
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Custom No-Image Addon
What happen if any store-front doesn’t upload any product image when they create/add product at their store-front, then CS-Cart automatically set a thumbnai...
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Category & vendor promotions Addon
The addon provides functionality to create category and vendor promotions block in CS-Cart. Admin can create category and vendor promotions under marketi...
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CS-Cart Customer Mobile App
Online shopping with the Customer app is very easy as you get to shop from the comfort of your home and get products delivered to your doorstep. By downlo...
Authorization by face
This CS-Cart Addon allows users to save face biometric data and use it for authorization using neural network and artificial intelligence.
The advantage of this addon is that it does not use Javascript to implement lazy loading, but uses the loading = "lazy" attribute (it was introduced in 2019...
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Help Center for Vendors
The add-on allows you to create a simple help system for sellers (vendors). You will be able to display a welcome message on the seller's (vendor's) page, i...
Blocks And Tabs For Categories
This module allows to enable/disable blocks and tabs on product details page for certain categories