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Brands multiple rows
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This addon will control how you want to display your brands without making them duplicate in different rows

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Manager's assistant
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The add-on controls the visibility of product information, filters, balances. Allows to show it only for certain groups of users. Adds a customizable tab for the manager on the product card.
Integration with translation service
5.0 (7)

Extension to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows auto-translating description in products, using 

If you're looking to buy this add-on in subscription form, is it available here: Subscription add-on

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Compare sellers prices
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Allows you to compare seller prices for common products
Pick up the item later
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Allows you to select a pickup point where you can receive the goods after they have been moved. Splits the order.
Tinkoff crediting
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Allows you to place an order on credit or in installments through Tinkoff

MC: SEO layout improvements and semantic tags (HTML5)
4.0 (2)
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MC: SEO layout improvements and semantic tags (HTML5) is an add-on from the Maxi Cart team for the CS-Cart platform (all editions) and MultiVendor (all editions) 4.12.1 - 4.14.2, created for those projects in which the owner understands the importance of correct (valid) and semantic layout in ranking sites (SEO).