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SEO for Images
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Save your time on adding Alt and Title texts to each image of the product, category, or feature manually. 
Smart pop-up manager
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Save 20%

Allows placing any content in pop-up window and also choosing the condition of its displayingand completely managing incoming users’ requests via administration panel.

Rating Filter
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A configurable rating filter and new sortings will save the client’s time searching for a product with the highest user rating.
Follow Vendor And Category
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CS-Cart Follow Vendor And Category addon is used to make a customer follow a "Vendor" and "Category". When a customer follows a "Vendor" and "Category", then he will get a daily update about the vendor's and category products like an update for a "New product created" and when an old product is "Back In Stock".

Orders statuses editor
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  • Update order statuses in bulk - it's faster this way.
GetResponse Integration: Email Marketing Automation
No reviews
Integration with popular mailing service GetResponse.
Redirect 404 pages CS-Cart add-on
Custom Redirect
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Add-on automatically redirects customers from the 404 pages to the custom page, that is specified by an administrator. By default, all 404 error pages go to a homepage. The administrator can change the target page in the add-on's settings.
CS-Cart add-on export import pages
Export/ Import Pages
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This module allows to export and import CMS pages, blog posts, forms and polls

Info Panel
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Informs your customers about urgent events, non-working days, promotions and more through a convenient and stylish information panel that sticks to the top border of the screen.
Landing pages Tilda
No reviews
The add-on allows you to import Tilda pages or blocks into the CS-Cart platform
SendPulsse Connect
No reviews

Плагин позволит вам автоматизировать передачу данных клиентов в адресные книги сервиса SendPulse, а также подключить web push.

Password Policy CS-Cart add-on
Password Policy
No reviews

"Password Policy" add-on allows you to configure password policies users must adhere to. It ensuring users use strong passwords (with figures, uppercase) that cannot be easily guessed during brute force attacks by malicious hackers.

Instagram photos and videos on your storefront
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Save 2%
Вuild a community around the brand Payment Service Integration
No reviews
Integration of popular online payment service
Shiptor – logistic platform
No reviews

The module allows you to calculate the cost of delivery at checkout and transfer the package to the most popular services via the shipping aggregator - Shiptor. Supplier fences, fulfillment, delivery in Moscow on the same day, delivery from regions across the Russian Federation.

Filtres by button
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The filter will work only after selecting the desired options and clicking on the "Apply" button
Hide real order ID
No reviews

Adds a template-based order ID for customers

Shiptor — логистическая платформа
No reviews

Shiptor — все службы доставки и фулфилмент в одном окне.

Mobile Admin PRO
No reviews

The plugin allows you to connect the site control panel through the application on your smartphone or tablet.

Check and change orders, change and create products, track statistics using our mobile application for free.

Buy X Get Y
No reviews

Encouraging more sales of a product by offering customers another item of the same type for free.

Image gallery for the site and optimisation of the seller's image for Multi-Vendor
No reviews
Save 30%

Adds a photo gallery: to the product card before the description; after the description in the product card; in the product card tab; on the page in front of the main content; on the page after the main content; on the blog pages in front of the main content.

Product return for Multi-Vendor
No reviews
Save 52%

The functionality of the module allows you to set the desired values for the categories of goods and services with the output of information on the window. According to the law on consumer protection, this period is 14 days. Compliance with the law increases website conversion.

Grouped Merchant Features for Multi-Vendor
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The "Grouped characteristics" module in two clicks will combine the characteristics and values into one and assign the necessary values. The module also solves the problem of end-to-end filtering of goods or services by the visitor, accelerating the search for goods and increasing customer loyalty.