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Phone Authorization
5.0 (1)
Allows to authorize by phone with SMS code or password
CS-Cart addon Kazpost
5.0 (1)

Connect your store to Kazpost shipping service

cs-cart addon shipping methods
Shipping Methods Availability
5.0 (1)

This module allows to add availability time for each shipping method for each day of the week

Customer Profile Page
5.0 (1)
Now make the customer profile page at your store look more stunning and alluring with CS-Cart Customer Profile Page add-on. This add-on allows the store admin to add a desired layout for the customer profile page. By providing an attractive profile page,
Product sorting by Images
5.0 (1)

This addon will add sorting by Images to the products. If product does not have an Image, it will be moved to the end of product list. Or it will be hidden from product list, if you will select corresponding box. If vendor/admin add an Image to the product, product will be shown as usual.
Additional sorting features. You can hide products without images. Also you can sort list of products and move products without images to the end of product list.
Discussing with a manager - priceless
5.0 (1)
Adds a new language variable for shipping methods
Block network robots
5.0 (1)

Addon to Multi-Vendor and CS-Cart allows blocking network robots. Network robots are that visit random websites, catalog them and generate artificial network traffic. Blocking them may speed up your store.

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Hide Products Without Images
4.0 (1)
All products without images will not appear in search results and the categories they belong to.
Extended Wish List
5.0 (1)
All users can add products to the wish list, group these products and attach notes to them, send the wish list by the email. One click by the administrator and the registered user will get an email reminder about the products that interested him.
Advanced menu constructor
5.0 (1)
  • Create galleries with links.
  • Place blocks on any pages of the site.
Search by Features Block
5.0 (1)
Special block for searching products by features. Adjustable set of features for product search. Ability to use step-by-step filters.
Phone Registration
5.0 (1)
Registration and authorization on the site using the user’s mobile phone number.